Project Spotlight: Sunnymede Pergola

We were thrilled and proud when one of our favorite repeat customers commissioned a custom-built luxury pergola for their corner lot. They were ready to make the most of their outdoor space and create an incentive to lounge longer in the garden. We happen to be partial to this charming area; we love this Sunnymede neighborhood so much that we moved right in ourselves. Our offices aren’t too far from here! We appreciate the opportunity to drive through this historic neighborhood and visit this stunning pergola. It’s been a treat to watch it change with the seasons. We don’t have the opportunity to visit most of our favorite projects so easily.

At Peacock & Company, we love meeting new people and solving new design and construction problems as we remodel our way through South Bend. But there is something special about working with repeat clients. We love the quality and detail we can achieve when everyone understands the client’s aesthetic, property’s quirks, and our process straight from the start. There are many ways you can ensure that you have the best contractor for your job, even if you don’t have one on speed-dial. You can fast-track your connection with your contractor by knowing what to expect during remodeling and thoroughly vetting your contractor before deciding to work together.

Outdoor Custom Pergola by Peacock & Company

The Crowning Jewel of This corner lot

Our clients in historic and idyllic Sunnymede wanted to extend their usable outdoor space and invited us to dream with them. They felt the responsibility of the high visibility of their corner lot and wanted to add a showpiece. This custom-designed free-standing pergola certainly fits the bill with its luxe details and clean lines. We designed it with a keen eye toward the Sunnymede neighborhood’s style and history so that our clients could keep their look just right while delivering a truly modern pergola.  

Pergolas stand the test of time. With proper care like staining and maintenance, pergolas can last 25 years or more. They never really go out of style. The options and opportunities are endless. 

We’re so pleased our clients are already making great use of their vertical spaces with their favorite sports memorabilia and vining plants to enchant the area for years to come. One of our favorite aspects of pergolas is the vertical and horizontal space they offer as an invitation to decorate and design. 

Need ideas for vining plants for a pergola? Wondering what a custom-pergola costs? We’ve explored all things pergola in our recent blog here.

South Bend, IN Custom Pergola

Side View of Custom-Built Pergola with Picnic Table in South Bend

Custom Pergola Wood Details in South Bend, Indiana

Locally Sourced Cedar

This pergola is not your neighbor’s backyard barbeque hut. We decided against treated wood and thoughtfully selected locally sourced cedar to match the neighborhood character and popular materials. We’re proud of the craftsmanship and loving detail we’ve executed in this custom-designed backyard pergola, and we’re so pleased our clients love it just as much as we do. 

Custom Pergola with Ceiling Fan in Mishawaka

Custom Cedar Wood Pergola in Mishawaka

As above, so below

This pergola is one of a kind, from its custom patio below to its ceiling fan above. This pergola is both an indoor and outdoor space. Our clients can enjoy the best of both worlds while entertaining for an evening meal with friends or a solo sunny morning coffee. The homeowners can take a break from gardening and catch a breeze, whether or not the wind is blowing. We were pleased to leverage our expertise to put power in all the right places to make this design dream a reality.

Hand-Built Custom Pergola in South Bend

Details of Custom Wooden Pergola in South BendFull View of Custom Pergola in South Bend

Divine vines aNd delightful design

This covered freestanding pergola features dappled sun, subtle lights, and vining plants full of romantic promise. This space will only become richer with time, and we’re honored to have had a part in it. We know we can deliver results of this caliber in your South Bend area remodeling projects, whether you’d like your quality-built pergola or dream of a custom kitchen. Reach out online or give us a call today to get started. We cannot wait to talk to you!

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