Our Core Values

At Peacock, our mission extends beyond the physical transformation of spaces. It's anchored in the values we uphold, the quality we deliver, and the relationships we build with our clients. Our core values are the foundation of every project, guiding us from the first conversation to the finishing touches.

First Class Customer Service: Your satisfaction isn't just a goal; it's our priority. We understand that remodeling can be daunting. Our team is here to guide you at every step, ensuring you feel supported and heard throughout the entire home remodeling process.

Exceptional Quality and Workmanship: Every project we undertake is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Our attention to detail, from the initial design phase of a project to the material selection, ensures that our work meets the highest standards of quality and aesthetics.

Organized and Professional: Remodeling a house requires meticulous planning and a clear remodeling timeline. Our team prides itself on being organized, ensuring each step, from the initiation phase to post-production, is executed seamlessly and efficiently.

High Integrity: We believe in transparency and honesty. Whether providing a clear home remodeling estimate or explaining the renovation order of operations, we maintain open communication, ensuring you're informed and confident in every decision.

Reliability: When we commit, we deliver. Our clients trust us to be punctual, stick to deadlines, and ensure that every project phase stays on track.

Care and Concern: We understand the emotional value attached to every home. It's not just about adding a room to a house. It's about crafting spaces that resonate with your vision and aspirations. We approach every project carefully, respecting your home as our own.

Partnership and Teamwork: Collaboration is at the heart of our success. We believe in the power of teamwork, partnering with our clients and contractors to ensure the shared vision becomes a reality.

Our Detailed remodeling Process

Peacock's reputation for creating transformative spaces is grounded in our meticulous and extensive process. Embarking on a remodeling project with us means engaging in a structured, transparent journey, each step backed by expertise, care, and commitment. Here's a deep dive into our time-tested remodeling process:

1. Initial Design & Sales Phase
  • Lead Entry: Our organized office manager ensures every potential project starts off on the right foot, gathering all the important details based on the specific job type.
  • Engagement & Scheduling: Our dedicated team carries out an initial phone call, assigns the project to our expert designer, and schedules the first visit—all while maintaining clear communication with you.
  • On-site Assessment: During the first visit, our designers conduct a comprehensive site measure and an initial cost assessment. This helps us understand your vision, needs, and the scope of the potential renovation.
  • Design Agreement & Planning: Following the initial assessment, we enter the design agreement phase. Our designers ensure all aspects, from floor plans to historical district approvals, are covered meticulously.
  • Collaborative Review: Our process thrives on collaboration. The design undergoes multiple reviews involving project managers, estimators, and even our president, ensuring the best outcomes and highest standards.
2. Pre-production
  • Organizational Setup: Our production coordinator meticulously schedules your project on our production calendar, and grants necessary access to key team members.
  • Planning & Selections: In this phase, we focus on finalizing your selections, measuring the site, and ordering the required materials and components. Our team ensures double-checking and verification of all orders received.
  • Engaging Subcontractors: We liaise with subcontractors, ensuring all specific needs—from painting to drywall—are met precisely.
  • Job Site Meeting: We assemble the team and review every relevant detail, timeline, and document with you before we get to work.
3. Production
  • Job Site Preparation: We set up the job site protection, ensuring your property is safeguarded. We also install a sign showcasing our ongoing work, establishing our commitment and presence.
  • Implementation & Monitoring: As the project progresses, we diligently maintain daily pictures and job notes. We conduct weekly planning meetings, ensuring we respect timelines, uphold the highest standards, and communicate transparently.
  • Quality Control & Review: Throughout the production phase, our team emphasizes quality. From color match sign-offs to quality control checks, we ensure every detail aligns with Peacock's standards and your vision.
  • Progress & Payments: We manage progress-related invoicing, change orders, and allowance reconciliations, earning your trust by ensuring your complete access to the most accurate and timely information.
4. Post-production
  • Feedback & Documentation: We value feedback and send out a comprehensive GuildQuality survey, helping us constantly evolve and improve. We also ensure the project's documentation, including photographs, so we can show off our latest masterpiece.
  • Aftercare: At Peacock, our relationship doesn't end post-completion. From thank you notes to post-completion warranty calls, we ensure you’re always satisfied and connected with the resources you need.

What Sets Us Apart?

In a bustling market of home transformation and design-build firms, Peacock has carved a distinct identity. Here’s what elevates us, setting us apart:

Our Extensive Portfolio

At Peacock, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the versatility and depth of our experience. Here's a look into the myriad of projects we've proudly completed.

Historical Home Restorations

History is precious, and we understand its nuances. We specialize in restoring historical homes to their original splendor, ensuring that their charm remains intact while adding modern conveniences. This involves meticulous planning, using materials that match the era, and understanding the architectural significance of each feature.

Complete Home Remodels

Whether you're looking to reimagine your entire living space or update specific areas, our team is adept at handling whole-house transformations.

Basement Remodels

A basement holds immense potential. From cozy entertainment spaces to functional home offices, we transform basements into areas that complement your lifestyle. With a focus on moisture prevention, adequate lighting, and maximizing space, our basement remodels are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Kitchen Remodels

Our expert kitchen design skills ensure that your newly remodeled space meets your culinary needs while reflecting your personal style. From cabinetry selection to ensuring the best layout, we make your kitchen a space that supports you.

Bathroom Remodels

Bathrooms, while primarily functional, can be serene retreats. We specialize in turning these spaces into luxurious sanctuaries. Whether it's choosing the right tiles and fixtures or creating a spa-like ambiance, our team considers every detail.

Garage Additions and Remodels

A garage is more than just a space for vehicles. Our garage addition and remodeling expertise extends to crafting workshops, home gyms, or even extended living spaces. We ensure structural integrity, proper insulation, and a design that complements your home.

Room Additions

Need more space? We've got you covered. Our room additions are designed to blend seamlessly with your existing structure. Whether adding a sunroom, an extra bedroom, or expanding your living area, we ensure that the new space is functional and in harmony with your home's design.

Decks, Sunrooms, and Outdoor Living Spaces

Enjoy the outdoors in style with our custom-designed decks, sunrooms, and outdoor living spaces. We specialize in creating beautiful, functional areas that extend your living space into the great outdoors. We focus on crafting spaces that blend naturally with your home's architecture.

Second Floor Additions 

Expanding upward requires precision and expertise. Our team specializes in second-floor additions, ensuring that the structural foundation supports the expansion and that the design integrates perfectly with the existing architecture.

At Peacock, every project we undertake is a commitment to weaving your aspirations into this canvas, ensuring that the end result is not just visually stunning but emotionally resonant. From our unwavering core values to the extensive history of beautiful Michiana home remodels, our dedication to excellence and attention to detail shine through. When you are ready to embark on a transformative journey, Peacock is here to guide, support, and turn your vision into a living reality.


Peacock's remodeling expertise isn't confined to just South Bend. We offer our services throughout:

St. Joseph County
  • Granger
  • South Bend
  • Walkerton
  • Osceola
  • Bremen
  • Mishawaka
Berrien County (Michigan)
  • Berrien Springs
  • Buchanan
  • Bridgman
  • Stevensville
  • Harbor Country
  • Michiana
  • New Buffalo
  • Three Oaks
  • Lakeside
  • Union Pier
Cass County (Michigan)
  • Cassopolis
  • Edwardsburg
  • Marcellus
  • Vandalia
Elkhart County
  • Goshen
  • And more

Not sure if you’re in our service area? Reach out to see if we remodel in your neighborhood.

We were very pleased with the work you did. All - meaning every person on your staff - were professional, helpful and capable. This was a big project and had the potential to drive a home owner crazy, but, because of the friendly, honest behavior of your staff, it was a pleasure. Thank you for a truly enjoyable experience.

Bathroom Suite & Master Bath Remodel

Our friends have all been waiting to see how our kitchen remodel went.  If you have a good company working with you it just makes things so much easier.  That's how we feel about Peacock.  They made our experience so smooth, and that's what our friends were waiting to hear.  So yes, we recommended Peacock!

Kitchen Remodel

We chose Peacock for our home project based on their long-standing reputation in the industry. We were never disappointed throughout the project. They were professional, courteous, understood our concerns and were great on follow up.

Home Remodel

Our friends have all been waiting to see how our kitchen remodel went.  If you have a good company working with you it just makes things so much easier.  That's how we feel about Peacock.  They made our experience so smooth, and that's what our friends were waiting to hear.  So yes, we recommended Peacock!

Kitchen Remodel

By far the best remodeling company out there !!

Ryan Burrows