South Bend Weekend Getaways: Escapes Within an Hour of the City

Are you yearning for a quick escape from South Bend for the weekend? Within an hour's drive, you'll find a treasure trove of charming towns and picturesque landscapes in Southwest Michigan. From lively beach towns to quiet retreats, there's something for everyone in Harbor Country. Southwest Michigan is known for its stunning natural beauty, diverse attractions, and welcoming communities. As South Bend residents, we have spent countless happy hours in many small-town gems. Peacock & Company is pleased to play tour guide for your next weekend getaway.

Lake Michigan Sunset at Warren Dunes State Park

New Buffalo, MI

New Buffalo Beach is a favorite spot for sunbathing and swimming, providing stunning views of Lake Michigan. History enthusiasts can explore the New Buffalo Railroad Museum, which offers insights into the area’s rich railroading history. The downtown area of New Buffalo is bustling with boutique shops and art galleries, providing plenty of opportunities to explore unique local finds and artistic creations. Nature lovers can enjoy the serene beauty of Galien River County Park, which features hiking trails and stunning views of the river and wetlands. Foodies will delight in the dining options available in New Buffalo. The Stray Dog Bar & Grill offers casual dining with a fantastic lake view. For a cozier dining experience, Brewster’s serves delicious Italian dishes in a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Union Pier, MI

Union Pier is known for its beautiful scenery and excellent wineries. Wine enthusiasts touring the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail can visit Round Barn Winery and St. Julian Winery & Distillery, offering tastings and tours. In addition to wine tasting, visitors can enjoy beachcombing along the picturesque shoreline and exploring local antique shops. For dining, Red Arrow Roadhouse serves classic American fare in a cozy setting, while Timothy’s Restaurant offers a fine dining experience with a menu that showcases local ingredients and culinary creativity. Nature lovers will appreciate Warren Woods State Park, home to an old-growth forest and peaceful trails.

Sawyer, MI

Sawyer is an adventurer's paradise with attractions like Warren Dunes State Park, famous for its towering dunes and extensive hiking trails. Besides hiking and beach activities, Sawyer offers excellent options for camping, birdwatching, and exploring local farmers' markets. After a day of adventure, visitors can relax at Greenbush Brewing Co., known for its craft beer and hearty meals. Infusco Coffee Roasters offers a great selection of coffee and a cozy atmosphere for those needing a caffeine fix.

Three Oaks, MI

Three Oaks is a hub for arts and culture. The Acorn Theater is a local gem, hosting live performances that range from music to theater. If you’re still yearning for more culture, visit the historic Vickers Theatre for an indie film or art exhibit. Journeyman Distillery offers tours and tastings, making it a great spot for those interested in craft spirits. Food lovers can indulge in delicious, homemade food at Froehlich’s. The Dewey Cannon Bicycle Museum and Gardens provide a unique experience, combining the beauty of a garden with the history of bicycles. It’s a perfect stop for a leisurely afternoon.

Harbert, MI

Harbert is a haven for those seeking a blend of nature and creativity. Luisa’s Harbert Swedish Bakery is a must-visit, known for its delicious pastries and bread that draw visitors from all over. Art enthusiasts will appreciate the Judith Racht Gallery, which showcases a diverse range of contemporary art. Harbert’s vibrant arts scene extends to local art workshops, where visitors can engage in creative activities and learn new skills. Visiting nearby farms offers a glimpse into the local agricultural lifestyle and an opportunity to purchase fresh, local produce. Caffe Tosi is another excellent option, serving delicious and eclectic dishes. The Harbert Road Preserve offers tranquil hiking trails that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the lush greenery and peace of nature.

Bridgman, MI

Bridgman is a fantastic destination for families, offering a variety of attractions that cater to all ages. Weko Beach is a major draw, providing beautiful beach access and picnic areas perfect for a day out with the family. Lake Street Eats offers delicious street food that the whole family can enjoy after a fun day at the beach. For dining, beer and pub fare, visit Haymarket Brewing for a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Bridgman’s local breweries provide visitors with a fun and educational experience, with tastings and tours showcasing the brewing process.

Grand Beach, MI

Grand Beach is known for its leisurely pace and classic charm, making it an ideal destination for relaxation. The Grand Beach Golf Course offers a picturesque setting for a round of golf. Bentwood Tavern offers a waterfront dining experience with a menu featuring fresh, local ingredients. The Whistle Stop Café is another great option. It is known for its grab-and-go breakfast and lunch offerings in a welcoming atmosphere. The Grand Beach Marsh Preserve is a haven for birdwatching and nature walks.

South Haven, MI

South Haven is a bustling and energetic town known for its beautiful beaches and rich maritime history. The South Haven Lighthouse is a must-see landmark, offering stunning views and photo opportunities. The Michigan Maritime Museum provides an engaging experience with exhibits and boat tours highlighting the area's nautical heritage. Clementine’s offers classic American cuisine in a historic building, making it a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Taste is perfect for those who enjoy small plates and an extensive wine selection. South Beach is a hotspot for sunbathing and swimming, attracting visitors with its sandy shores and clear waters. Van Buren State Park offers excellent hiking and camping opportunities. The area is a hub for water sports and boating, with a bustling marina and plenty of kayaking, paddleboarding, and sailing opportunities.

Benton Harbor, MI

Benton Harbor offers a rich blend of cultural and historical attractions. The Benton Harbor Arts District is a vibrant area filled with galleries, studios, and performance spaces. Jean Klock Park provides beautiful beach access and is perfect for a day by Lake Michigan. Dining options in Benton Harbor are diverse and flavorful. The Livery is a popular brewery and restaurant offering craft beers and delicious pub fare. For those looking for a more upscale dining experience, The Mason Jar Cafe provides a menu filled with locally sourced ingredients and creative dishes. Benton Harbor hosts various events in southwest Michigan, including art fairs, music festivals, and community gatherings. The Benton Harbor Farmers Market is a must-visit for fresh produce, handmade crafts, and local delicacies, providing a vibrant and lively shopping experience.

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