5 Basement Remodeling Tips For Your South Bend Remodel

It’s dark and dirty! It’s scary! It’s full of old junk! Your basement deserves better, and so do you. Create the space your current home is missing without a move by finishing or renovating your basement. We’ve finished countless basements, each a little differently, and we’re here with our basement finishing tips to ensure your basement remodel planning starts and continues on the right path. 

5 Basement Remodeling Tips For Your South Bend Remodel

Peacock understands that every remodel is a remodeling adventure with a homeowner. Our South Bend area remodels have delighted our clients and created stunning galleries of previous work for you to peruse for inspiration. We’re happy to use our basement remodeling expertise to help you plan yours.

1. Set Your Goals for Your Basement Remodel

Understanding your renovation goals at the outset of your basement remodel will help you make the best decisions when planning your project and evaluating its final success. It is one of the most vital steps when planning your basement remodel. Review some common goals many clients identify when remodeling their basements so that you can identify yours. Keep in mind it’s normal to have several goals when remodeling.

  • Add a bathroom or bedroom for a specific family member
  • Increase resale value (if so, bedroom/bath combos are best. While square footage doesn’t always count below grade, basement bedrooms and bathrooms count towards the total # of rooms.)
  • Contain kid mess and clutter
  • Modernize an existing basement
  • Create entertaining spaces for parties or teens
  • Add cooking space
  • Build a safe and accessible place for an aging relative
  • Customize display for collectibles or add storage
  • Provide rental income
  • Offer privacy to guests
  • Create a specialized space not currently available in your home (e.g. home office or home gym)

2. Address Moisture in Your Basement Remodel

Your basement can only be finished if it is consistently dry. If it occasionally floods or has routine leaks or seepage, you may need to address waterproofing first. Sometimes, a specialist in basement waterproofing can quickly diagnose and remediate the solution. In other instances, your contractor may propose construction-oriented solutions, such as raising your floor with a substrate for basements. 

3. Understand Your Basement Remodel Cost and Timeline

Basement remodels are unique, so cost estimation can be difficult. The elements you include and the materials and finishes you select. A basement in South Bend, IN remodel costs between $30 and $100 a square foot. Here are some factors that can add to your cost should your remodel require them:

Understand Your Basement Remodel Cost and Timeline in South Bend


Are you tearing out walls to open up space? Are you removing old elements and replacing them with new ones? Are you changing the layout? Spending time tearing out the old stuff adds to your cost.


If your contractor is creating new walls or otherwise changing the basement layout during your remodel or installing built-ins, this adds to your cost via our time and materials.


A basement bedroom must have proper egress to count as an official bedroom upon relisting. Installing them requires your contractor to change your structure. An egress window or a door might be a good addition to your basement remodel, even if you aren’t planning a bedroom.

Electrical and Plumbing

If you are adding or extending a bathroom, moving lights, or finishing a space for the first time, we will need skilled electricians and plumbers for your project.

4. Choose The Right Elements for Your Remodel

Your basement is a perfect opportunity to add the elements to make your current home your dream. Here are some of the most popular things people build when renovating their basements.

  • Kitchen/Kitchenette
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom(s)
  • Primary Suite
  • Storage Area
  • Collectible Displays
  • Bar
  • Wine Cellar
  • Entertainment Area
  • Basement Living Room
  • Fireplace
  • Home Theater
  • Home Office
  • In-Law/Rental Suite

Choose the Right Elements for Your South Bend Remodel

5. Use The Right Materials for a Basement

Basement Wall Materials

You should insulate your basement walls if you are able. You can finish basement walls with drywall, wood paneling, or wallpaper to add style, texture, or warmth to avoid cold, boring basement walls. Insulating your basement walls is important if you want to provide a consistently comfortable living space.

Basement Flooring

Tile, vinyl plank, polished concrete, and epoxy are good candidates for your basement floor because they can tolerate a small amount of moisture if something unanticipated occurs. Synthetic low-pile carpet is the best bet for basements if you’ve got to have that flush carpet feel.

Basement Lighting

Your basement may not receive any help from natural light. This makes your basement lighting choices even more important. Give yourself options by installing multiple sets of lighting. Rely on recessed or track lighting and augment with statement lights for more drama or great workspaces.

Basement Ceiling

Drop or suspended ceilings are common in basements. If you’re ready for a basement ceiling upgrade, consider upgrading or replacing your panels for a more polished look. You can also drywall and paint your basement ceiling as you do the walls. You can also paint basement rafters, pipes, or anywhere you wish to create a uniform appearance.

Let’s Build Your Michiana Basement to Its Fullest Potential

Peacock & Company would be honored to create your South Bend, IN remodel. Whether you’re planning basement renovations, a home addition, a kitchen remodel, a new exterior living space, or another residential project, we know we can deliver the construction experience and quality results you deserve. Let’s connect about your remodeling project today!

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