What You Need to Know Before Remodeling Your Basement

You’re sick of sitting on top of wasted space, and you’re ready to take the plunge to improve your living space below grade. When you’ve decided to remodel your basement, you might feel unsure about where to start. As experienced remodelers, we are well equipped to break down the details so that your basement remodeling project begins on the right foot. 

Basement Remodel Indianapolis

At Peacock & Company, we know our way around a basement remodel. We’ve been delivering timeless and trendy results throughout South Bend for decades. We’d love to talk to you more about your next remodeling project in the Michiana area.

What do I need to know before finishing a basement? 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself while planning your basement remodel:

  • What components do you plan to include in your basement remodeling project? What kind of living space are you building? Basement remodels often have several components in one. Here are some popular basement remodeling projects:
    • Bedroom
    • Bathroom
    • Home Theater
    • Kitchen
    • Living Space
    • In-Law Suite
    • Rental Suite
  • Are you adding or removing walls? Demolition, or conversely, framing, drywall, and electrical add to the project’s overall cost.

  • Will you need an egress? Basement living spaces need an exit. Egress windows or an exterior basement door may need to be part of the project.

  • Are you planning on plumbing? If you’re adding a kitchen, bathroom, or laundry station, plumbing impacts the cost of finishing your basement.

  • Are there any structural or waterproofing issues we need to address first? Does your floor sag? Do your walls seep? Your contractor will assess your property during their initial visit to identify potential concerns.

  • What unusual challenges do you predict? If there is something wonky about a home’s construction, it’s often in the basement. Do you notice hanging wires, ducts, or other obstructions?

  • What unique features do you envision? Are you hoping for a one-of-a-kind wet bar? Do you desire custom built-ins to display your collections and memories? What about adding a fireplace for the ultimate cozy cave vibe?

Find The Right Contractor

Your remodeling experience will depend on the contractor you hire. There are many tempting options in most markets, but not every flash in the pan is gold.  Learn how to spot a trustworthy contractor who aligns with your vision from our blog here.

What do I need to know about remodeling my basement?

Cost to Finish a Basement

We all know that the unsatisfying answer about construction costs is always, “it depends.”  In general, a basement remodel can cost between $30 and $100 a square foot, depending on amenities and features. 

How Long Does A Basement Remodel Take?

It might help you get a better idea of the timeline for your project. We’ve taken a detailed look at each step in the remodeling process in our blog here. Of course, it’s just an estimate. Your contractor will provide a much more accurate timeline based on your details.

How do I prepare my basement for remodeling?

If you’re getting ready for a basement remodel, here are some things you can do to prepare your space for your upcoming remodel:

  • Remove your personal items. They are unlikely safe under a tarp in the corner. Discuss this with your contractor if some things cannot be relocated entirely (e.g., a pool table).
  • Warn your neighbors. Alert your neighbors that you are having work done, politely let them know what to expect, and allow them to voice their requests. If you need to use your neighbor’s property to access any part of your job, get permission early!
  • Talk to your contractor about the mundane details. Make sure your contractor knows where to park, where to enter and exit, and where to store materials mid-project. If you’ve discussed anything specific with the neighbors (Mr. Jones has asked that you don’t use his driveway) or have a particular request (Please park to the left in the driveway), let your contractor know.

What are the steps to renovate a basement?

It always helps to know what to expect. Here are the basic steps to a basement remodeling project (We’ve expanded on this topic in a blog post here):

  • Planning
  • Hiring a Contractor
  • Design and Budget
  • Demolition
  • Construction
    • Framing
    • HVAC/Plumbing/Electrical
    • Walls
    • Painting
    • Cabinets
    • Appliances
    • Finishing
    • Final Walk-Through

Let’s Build a Better Basement in South Bend!

We would be honored to discuss your basement remodel or any other home remodeling projects you are planning in the Michiana area. We know we have the experience and expertise to deliver the results of your dreams. . Schedule a free consultation or give us a call at (574) 289-4992 to start your South Bend remodeling project!

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