10 Uses For Your Basement

If your basement is unfinished or even under-finished, you’re sitting on top of untapped potential. Basement remodels are great ways to add features to your existing home without moving, which is especially appealing in the current real estate climate. Basements can be blank canvases where you add everything you need to transform your current home into your dream home. Whether you have a wide-open and large empty basement or a small and cramped area you are attempting to elevate, you may have more options for your basement remodel than you think. We’re here to ensure you don’t miss the perfect plan for your finished basement space. 

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Peacock & Company creates beautiful remodels in South Bend, IN. From basements to kitchens and additions to whole-home remodels, our stunning before and after photos and project gallery speaks for themselves. We are the absolute experts in everything you need to know before remodeling your basement, and we’re happy to share our insights.

What Can a Finished Basement be Used For?

Wondering what to do with your empty basement? Look no further. We’ve built some beautiful basements in our time in the Michiana area. Here are some popular basement remodeling projects to consider when finding the perfect combination of features for your shiny new basement.

1. Bedroom

Add privacy and space to your home and comfort for visitors and family members who are sick of sharing cramped spaces. Adding a bedroom to your basement can change your life, and it, along with a bathroom, adds the most value to your basement remodel at resale.

2. Bathroom

You’ll never be sorry you built another bathroom. Be sure everyone can get ready and attend to their needs in a timely manner with an extra bathroom to take the pressure off your family’s daily routine by adding a bathroom to your basement.

10 Uses for your south bend basement

3. Basement Family Room

Contain the clutter from kids; build an entertainment palace. Consider a fireplace, entertainment center, and built-in storage to create a functional and cozy place to congregate in peace.

4. Basement Bar

Watch the game with friends, host a party, and have a sipper with style. A basement bar is a popular element for your remodel and pairs well with a game area, rec room, wine cellar, or kitchenette. 

5. Home Office

Get the work-from-home luxury and set-up you need for complete productivity and a zoom background you’ve curated to your exact specification. A basement home office offers the workspace of your dreams.

6. Home Theater

Basements are naturally dark spaces and lend themselves well to cozy home theaters. Watch a scary movie in style in your home theater and ditch the sticky floors and overpriced concessions. 

7. Kitchen

Basement kitchens can be part of a complete living space or built to add options for your extensive culinary endeavors or next-level entertaining. If you’re planning to party in your basement, you need to be equipped to put out a spread.

What Can a Finished Basement be Used For?

8. In-Law/Rental Suite

A basement apartment includes at least one bedroom, a full bathroom, and a kitchen and living space. Your basement suite can house out-of-town visitors, older relatives who need care, adult children returning home, or be rented out to generate extra income. 

9. Storage Room

We’re not talking about a dusty bank of ready-to-assemble wracks. Build custom storage, closet space, cold storage, a gun safe, and more to accommodate anything you plan to store and anything you may acquire in the future. Your basement storage room can keep the rest of your home tidy and organized.

10. Wine Cellar

A wine cellar is an excellent addition to your custom basement. Store wine in your naturally cool, dark basement, and keep it handy to serve at your custom bar or lounge area.

Basement Remodel Cost and Timeline

Basement remodels will vary in cost, depending on the elements you include and the materials and finishes you select. A basement in South Bend, IN remodel costs between $30 and $100 a square foot. Your basement remodel timeline will depend on the elements you plan.  Luckily, your contractor can give you a much more detailed estimate about what to expect during your remodel after learning about the details of your project.

Basement Layout and Design

Modern basement design is about as versatile as designing a home. Selecting materials that thrive in basement environments will ensure that your basement remodel starts out beautiful and stays looking good for the years that follow. Basements are naturally darker, cooler, and sometimes damper than the living space above grade. Your contractor is an excellent resource for picking the perfect materials once you have settled on a layout for your basement remodel.

South Bend Basement Layout and Design

Use The Right Materials for a Basement

Basement Wall Materials

Keeping basement walls looking good can provide a unique challenge. Choose clean, bright colors or neutrals to open up your small space. You can drywall and paint your concrete walls or install a textured finish like wood panel for the perfect vibe. Wood paneling for basement walls continues to evolve with modern trends and provides excellent options for finishing basement walls.

Basement Flooring

Tile, polished concrete, vinyl plank, and other durable, water-resistant flooring options are perfect for basements. The best carpeting for a basement is made from synthetic fibers with low pile, made to be easily cleaned.

Basement Lighting

Your basement lights will need to work harder than your rooms full of windows. Consider adding egress windows during your remodel for natural light (You may need to do this anyway if you are adding a bedroom.) and plenty of layered lighting options to illuminate the space. We recommend recessed ceiling lights mixed with more statement pieces to express your style.

Let’s Build Your Michiana Basement to Its Fullest Potential

Peacock & Company would love to discuss your South Bend, IN remodel. Whether you’re planning a basement project, kitchen remodel, home addition, or another residential project, we’d be delighted to discuss your details and make a plan together. Let’s connect about your remodeling project today!

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