9 Kitchen Essentials to Consider for Your Remodel

1992 called. It wants its kitchen back. If you live with dated laminate and beat-up old cabinets from a bygone era, you’ve come to the right place for inspiration. Kitchen remodeling has evolved to offer so many exciting materials, solutions, and customizable options that were not available when your kitchen was last built or remodeled.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

At Peacock & Company, we’ve spent decades partnering with South Bend area clients to design and remodel their dream spaces. Kitchen remodels have changed so much over time. We love meeting with prospective clients and delighting them with new possibilities during the planning process. During the remodeling process, knowing what to expect can help you prepare and plan. We’re pleased to use our experience to help you consider every angle of your kitchen remodel so that you can dream in vivid detail.

Kitchen Essentials List

Some parts of a kitchen are simply staples. No matter your budget, almost every kitchen remodel you encounter includes these features:

1. Essential Appliances

Everyone’s got to cook. Kitchen remodels include spaces for the following appliances:

  • Range
  • Oven
  • Fridge
  • Microwave

Your kitchen remodel may re-arrange these appliances to better suit your cooking habits. Pay attention to how you move through your kitchen when you need to use your appliances. Is there a better path from the refrigerator to the sink? Is the built-in microwave in your way? A remodel is the time to set things right with a thoughtful and personalized kitchen layout.

2. Workspace/Layout

How much counter space do you need? What kitchen layout will work best in your space? Will a galley kitchen make the most of a small space? Would a one-wall kitchen highlight your open concept? Do you need a classic C/U-shaped kitchen to accommodate your appliances? Would an extended countertop or kitchen island create a functional entertaining space? Your perfect layout will depend on the size and shape of your kitchen and the way you plan to use it.

3. Sink

You’ve got to have a kitchen sink. Be sure that your sink is deep and wide enough to tackle big projects. Consider adding a second sink if you frequently experience traffic jams with multiple cooks in the kitchen.

4. Cabinets/Storage

Your kitchen cabinets comprise a large part of your kitchen’s vertical surfaces and heavily influence your kitchen’s aesthetic. Choose classic white cabinets for a clean look, or venture out into trendy blues and greens to augment 2024’s earthy and serene color palettes. Custom cabinets ensure that your essentials fit, no matter what you plan to store. We can design a storage solution for just about anything, and we’re always up for a challenge! That’s part of the benefit of employing in-house designers. There’s no reason for bulky appliances to remain counter eyesores. Build a place for it to fit.

Kitchen Cabinets Storage

5. Lighting/Electrical

Some clients are disappointed that they did not include more lighting in their kitchen remodel. Few are sorry they have too much. We often advise clients to err on the side of more lighting because you can always switch them off, but adding fixtures later is much more expensive. Kitchens must be well-lit to maximize safety and productivity.

Pro tip: Be sure to plan for ample electrical outlets as well. Consider tucking some out of sight for easy and discrete use.

6. Stone/Tile

Countertops and backsplashes are central design elements for any kitchen. From sleek and pricey marble to fan-favorite quartz, the textures and colors you choose for your countertop are as important as the physical properties of the material you select. Are you interested in the most durable product on the market? Does heat resistance matter? Can you tolerate a visible seam? These factors will influence the materials you choose for these workhorse surfaces.

7. Flooring

Kitchens need durable flooring, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Your kitchen flooring options are endless. Chose from ceramic tile, laminate, vinyl, and many more popular options to match or complement the existing flooring around your remodeling project.

8. Creative Kitchen Features

Every kitchen needs something to give it character. Every kitchen says something about the people it feeds. We love gathering design inspiration from our clients. What would make your daily life easier? How can we build it into your space? Here are some of our favorite creative kitchen features to consider:

  • Second Kitchen Island: Sometimes, one isn’t enough. Designate each one for a distinct purpose. Prep, entertaining, homework, the options are endless.
  • Second Sink: Consider a second sink if you frequently entertain or cook as a team.
  • Coffee Bar: Morning coffee is a ritual and a necessity. Get yours in ease and style with a personalized kitchen coffee bar. 
  • Other Specialized Area: We’ve built kitchen command stations, mini craft spaces, and customized kitchen minibars. A custom kitchen remodel can be truly custom. What have you been dreaming of?

9. Kitchen Decor Ideas

Don’t forget to factor your decor plans into your design. Your vibe will influence the style of the fixtures and features you select and your material choices. You may pick a deep, farmhouse sink to compliment your rustic accents. You might opt for illuminated cabinets to display a prized set of dishes. Here are some kitchen decor ideas trending in 2024 to grease the wheels of your dream machine:

  • Natural materials and earth tones
  • Serene blue and green
  • Cottegecore/grand millennial touches (think grandma’s house vibes paired with modern sensibility)
  • Bold colors or accents

Your Kitchen Remodel Dreams Are a Phone Call Away!

We would love to talk to you about your dream kitchen or other remodeling projects if you live in the South Bend area. At Peacock & Company, we design and execute jaw-dropping remodels for our Michiana neighbors.  Give us a call today at (574) 289-4992 or reach out to get started!

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