Project Spotlight: Granger Indiana Two-Toned Kitchen Remodel

We’ve built a command center fit for the army that inhabits this bustling home in Granger, IN. We love remodeling in this family-friendly area, and we can’t wait to show off our creative design solutions put to work for this thriving family of seven.

Our clients in this luxe two-toned kitchen remodel are the proud (and exhausted) parents of five children under the age of eleven. Organization and convenience are understandable priorities when your family includes enough children for a complete basketball team. We put our best ideas to work and designed this dream kitchen to feed and entertain the masses with ease.

Granger Indiana Two-Toned Kitchen Remodel

Peacock & Company is proud to have had a hand in this modern family kitchen remodel. Bold and blue base cabinets are crowned by pristine white countertops. White backsplash gently transitions into white upper cabinets, finishing off this clean and timeless look with simple brass pulls. It is hard to stay classic while incorporating so many appealing trends, but our clients have clearly demonstrated that it can be done. Both two-toned cabinets and blue cabinets are rising trends from 2022 and are forecast for continued popularity in 2023.



The L-shaped countertop height island table is the star of this modern kitchen remodel. This family’s former kitchen had stilted flow and needed numerous design details that aged the space. We updated their layout and centered everything around a fantastically functional kitchen island with seating for the whole family. Many large families have no choice but to congregate around formal dining tables because they don’t fit anywhere else. This family already has a formal dining room but craved the flexibility and options most smaller families enjoy during the hectic dinner hour. We built this family a custom, informal island so that this family has the perfect space to be themselves. 

Granger Indiana Two-Toned Kitchen RemodelGranger Indiana Two-Toned Kitchen Remodel


We love custom remodels because they give us the opportunity to create something unique for every client. By sticking to our time-tested process, we continue to make space to dream and discuss every detail during design. This prevents unexpected surprises during later phases where mistakes can be more expensive.

In fact, we did not encounter any anticipated challenges during this extensive project. A smooth build is a testament to great planning. This kitchen is one of our favorite recent examples of fantastic design and expert execution. Check out our gallery for inspiration and examples of other unique dreams realized.

Kitchen Remodeling Guide South Bend Indiana


The big round brass pendant lights above the island are a team favorite! We have to admit, we’re suckers for statement lighting. Brass fixtures are increasingly popular and with great reason! The modern brass details, from fixtures to faucets absolutely shine. The sleek and simple brass kitchen hardware demonstrates elegant attention to continuity. The double brass faucets above this decadent farmhouse sink ensure that there is always an available tool for every task and mess.

Granger Indiana Two-Toned Kitchen RemodelProject Spotlight: Granger Indiana Two-Toned Kitchen Remodel



We have absolutely saved the best for last. Check out this beverage fridge cabinet. Everyone with children knows that they come with standard programming to ask for a drink at least one more time than is reasonable each day, and more frequently at inconvenient times. Now imagine five. Children and parents alike are served by developing independence skills.

The ability to fetch one’s own drinks can be life-changing for everyone involved. This client’s genius beverage cooler, set into the kitchen island, keeps little hands from rummaging through important contents in the main fridge and provides an easy and appropriate way for kids and guests to help themselves. The adjacent beverage bar and additional counter space provide plenty of room for prep or entertaining.

Two-Toned Kitchen RemodelGranger Indiana Two-Toned Kitchen Remodel

Wondering what a kitchen remodel costs in your area? We can only speak for the Michiana service area, but we’ve explored kitchen remodeling costs in depth in our blog here.

Granger Indiana Two-Toned Kitchen Remodel

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