Which Kitchen Layout Fits Your Lifestyle?

Does your kitchen not work well with your lifestyle? Do you wish you could have a kitchen that improves your use instead of making everything more difficult? It may be time to think about a new layout. Fortunately, you have a lot of flexibility to turn your kitchen into something you’ll love for every meal. Use these kitchen layout ideas to determine which one fits your home and your personality.

Kitchen Layouts for Your Lifestyle

What Is the Best Arrangement for a Kitchen?

The best arrangement for a kitchen isn’t always something you can get with a quick online search. It depends on a variety of factors, such as:

  • Size of the space
  • Storage needs
  • Planned use
  • Square footage and style of home

Everyone’s kitchen is unique, and the way you use it is even more individual. You deserve a kitchen that works with your cooking style and other space needs, like dining, working, or entertaining guests. It’s important to hire a professional to help evaluate your home and determine how to improve it in the most effective way. That’s why kitchen remodeling is among the best of our services.

L Shape Kitchen Layout South Bend Kitchen Remodels

What Are the Most Common Kitchen Layouts?

Even if each kitchen has some degree of personality to it, there are several types of kitchens that are relatively common. You’ll probably find your current layout (and the one you dream about) on this list.

1. Galley Kitchen

A galley kitchen maximizes space. The essential design puts the kitchen on two opposing walls so that the cabinets are facing each other. It’s a popular style for kitchens that have a functional walkway through the room. The galley style also works well as a second adjacent kitchen next to a larger kitchen, because it can provide a lot of use without taking up much space.

2. L-Shaped Kitchen With Island Floor Plan

An L-shaped kitchen is probably the most versatile. The simple design means that the kitchen cabinets and equipment take up at least part of two adjacent walls. A corner kitchen stove at the junction point is a popular addition to this style. Since the shape doesn’t need to take up the full wall, it can be small or expansive. This layout also offers more space for a large kitchen island.

Looking for kitchen layouts with island options? Our 2023 kitchen remodeling trends can help you start thinking big.

3. G Shaped Kitchen

A G-shaped kitchen makes it easy to maximize a very small space. It provides a single opening to the kitchen, with cabinets, countertops, and appliances on all four sides. If you have a square kitchen layout with limited square footage, you have a couple of options. You can choose another layout, but you’ll have to make tough choices about the loss of storage or countertop space. This style gives you the most function, and it’s most appropriate for smaller homes.

4. One Wall Kitchen

If you’re hoping for a minimalist design, or you just don’t want to lose a lot of wall space to the kitchen, a one-wall kitchen design might be the perfect choice. This kitchen, without an island, runs all along one wall. You’ll need enough space for everything, but an open-home layout makes that relatively simple. It’s popular in homes with a modular design, particularly spaces with lots of windows on opposite walls.

Wondering how much a kitchen remodel costs? Take a look at these figures.

5. C Shaped Kitchen

In homes with a moderate size for the kitchen, a C-shaped kitchen is one of the most practical and useful. Also called a horseshoe kitchen or a U-shaped kitchen, this style adds cabinets, countertops, and appliances on three adjacent walls. In smaller kitchens, a 10x10 U-shaped kitchen layout makes it easy to fit everything in without making the room feel too boxy. In a larger kitchen, you’ll get the most storage from this arrangement. It’s primarily meant to be open, but you can add an island for more counter space.

6. Kitchen Peninsula

A kitchen peninsula can be added to almost any kitchen design, as a way of increasing workspace or sitting room. In most cases, the peninsula has a significant overhang on at least one side, so it can function as a snack bar. A peninsula is a practical choice to increase the usable space of the kitchen without having to add an island.

Kitchen Layouts for Remodels in South Bend

Which Kitchen Layout Is the Most Popular Kitchen Layout?

The most popular kitchen layout is a U-shaped kitchen. U-shaped kitchens are best for homeowners who plan to use the kitchen extensively and need plenty of room for equipment and storage.

What Is a Galley Kitchen Style?

A galley kitchen style draws inspiration from a ship’s kitchen. On any ship, space is at a premium. As such, a galley kitchen allows free movement from one side to another, with the least amount of wall space occupied. It’s an optimal choice for homeowners who don’t need a ton of storage and do need to keep the walkway open.

Are L-shaped Kitchens Good?

An L-shaped kitchen is more popular for homeowners who want to make the room into a multipurpose space, not just for food preparation. The L-shaped kitchen style is great for kitchen floor plans with an island because you can make the island almost any shape or size.

Finding the right kitchen for you takes a thorough evaluation of your expectations, some brainstorming, and a lot of help from a professional remodeling company. At Peacock & Company, we aim to make a space that works perfectly for the way you want to use it. Schedule a free consultation to discover how we could improve your kitchen.


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