7 Design Trends That Never Go Out of Style

When you start thinking about a remodeling project, you might take time to look at the latest trends. Of course, if you focus exclusively on the future interior design trends, you could end up with something that looks dated only a few years afterward. If you’d rather have a timeless home improvement, you don’t have to guess. We’ve outlined seven styles that you can count on to last for decades into the future.

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What Is the Most Popular Decorating Style for 2021?

If you had to pin down the most popular interior design trends for 2021, the modern style would definitely win the most awards. The modern design interior style prizes efficiency and the incorporation of modern technology to make life simpler and more enjoyable. From there, the sky's the limit. If you’re looking for a timeless interior design, remember to focus less on the latest trends and more on color palettes and materials that are built to last.

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What Style of House Never Goes Out of Style?

When you’re looking for a timeless home design, you may be caught somewhere between contemporary interior design and vintage styles. The good news is that either one might be just what you need. Take a look at these seven design approaches in particular.

1. Luxury Home Interior Designs

Everyone loves a little luxury. It’s what makes you pay to wander through European castles and old American mansions, to see how the rich and elegant live. Luxury home interiors don’t have to be cluttered or fussy. They are often functional and easy to maintain, with high-end materials and architectural features that take your home to the next level. It’s one of the benefits of working with a design professional.

2. Earthy Interiors

Making your home look a little like the outdoors has been trending for hundreds of years. An earthy house relies on natural tones, textures from the outside world, and lots of plants. Looking for the best ways to incorporate natural designs into your bathroom? Our 2021 bathroom remodeling trends can show you how.

3. Elegant Living Room Aesthetic

The classic style never goes out of fashion. If you want the best living room trends for 2021, be prepared to go back a century or so. We’re talking crown molding, inset ceilings, and tufted furniture. You’ll feel like you have taken a step up in the world, not merely a step back.

4. Vintage Interiors Design

Paradoxically, vintage is always in fashion. Taking something that is truly old, restoring it, and making it new again is how people lived for thousands of years. These days, vintage maximalism is quite big. Let your style show through with a baroque lamp or patterned wallpaper.

5. European Cottage Style Interiors

A European cottage is truly a timeless home. You get a soft color palette with comfortable furniture and lots of natural lighting. You might feel like Marie Antoinette, sitting on a chaise longue with a tasty treat.

6. Japandi

If you can’t decide between Swedish minimalism and a Japanese room aesthetic, Japandi is an excellent combination of the two. Your house inspiration for this style features cozy textures, subdued colors, and natural materials.

7. Calming Bedroom Aesthetic Types

You can never go wrong by making your bedroom into a calm space. Removing the clutter, keeping wall designs simple, and using layers to stay warm or keep cool make it easier to get a good night’s rest.

What Colors Are Timeless?

Although you might expect that a natural palette is the most likely to thrive, the answer might surprise you. Dark and light, especially the contrast of the two, tend to reign supreme in the contest for the best color. If you’re wondering what color cabinets never go out of style, the answer is black, white, or navy blue.

What Design Trends Are Out for 2021?

If you want a quick summary of the interior design trends that are falling out of favor in 2021 and beyond, here it is:

If you have any of these features in your home, it may start to look dated in 2022.

Is Farmhouse Going Out of Style?

Is farmhouse style out for 2021? It’s a difficult question to answer. While you’ll definitely notice a few things starting to fall out of fashion, like the big farmhouse sink, many elements that you love about the farmhouse look will hang around for at least the next couple of years.

What Is Replacing the Farmhouse Look?

Over the next few years, you’ll watch the farmhouse start to evolve into its cousin, country chic. Country chic décor in 2021 can range from the chicken-patterned wallpaper that was all the rage in the 1980s to something more resembling a French cottage or country house.

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What Is Minimalist Interior Design?

Minimalist interior design uses simple, uncluttered décor to make a functional space. Minimalist rooms tend to be efficient and subdued, with natural tones and clean lines. Although elements of minimalism will always be popular, this whole aesthetic fades in and out of vogue.

What Will the Design Trends Be for 2022?

It’s not hard to imagine the interior design trends for 2022. Here are a few to give you a taste for what’s to come:

  • Retro and vintage styles, especially the 1970s
  • Curvy furniture
  • Plant-inspired spaces
  • Multi-purpose rooms

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