Project Spotlight: Craftsman Kitchen

Welcome to Peacock's latest custom kitchen remodel. We love showcasing the different styles and tastes our skilled team can create. This project was executed without significant challenges, as we discussed the complicated details during the planning process. Not only is our latest project a testament to Peacock’s skill and process, but it’s also a beacon of style and a labor of love. This kitchen was built as an homage to the craftsman style. This family home already features bespoke craftsman furniture items made with love by the homeowner, so their dream kitchen remodel could only be completed in the craftsman style. Tying this theme together made excellent sense and created seamless results that make this kitchen sing in their favorite key.

South Bend Craftsman Kitchen Remodel

This 1,500 square foot South Bend family home was built in 1988 and sits on a prime .36 acre corner lot. It features three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It is home to a lovely family, including two beautiful black Giant Schnauzers who became a treasured part of our build team during the project. Of course, any home built more than 30 years ago could do with a few updates, and this kitchen certainly deserved a facelift.

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Cabinets to please an expert eye

Though our homeowner has excellent woodworking skills, he wasn’t interested in building custom cabinets himself. However, his skillset gave him high standards and strong opinions on the materials. We found the perfect cabinet in a natural cherry, and everyone fell in love. Though we first imagined these sturdy, sunny cabinets suspended from ample beams, they are stunning in their final execution. Our original vision and design included large posts and oversized beams.  Unfortunately, the labor and materials required to make that design a reality took the project well above their initial budget.

Natural Cherry Kitchen Cabinetry in Mishawaka, Indiana

Elevating the existing details

We did not build a new island cabinet, as the homeowner had lovingly crafted this one. Instead, we drew inspiration to marry it to the perfect kitchen cabinets in a cohesive redesign. We also saved the original craftsman light fixtures in the home as part of the design. These gorgeous glass pendulums are already perfect for the period we were channeling and provide ample light to every workspace. The beauty of a custom remodel is the ability to preserve the features you like and create new features that make your space even more perfect.

Craftsman Kitchen Remodeling Project Details


Timeless Kitchen Tiles

Our homeowners had one accent tile that they wanted to include as a decorative feature in the backsplash. We were expanding the backsplash area and wanted a slightly more prominent focal point above the range, so we found a craftsman in Oregon who matched the piece and created some new tiles to expand the design. Even a trained eye cannot tell these tiles were created by different artists, and the overall effect of this bespoke detail was worth the extra effort. The green subway tile backsplash was selected to compliment the backsplash accents, adding a serene vibe under and above the warm natural cherry cabinets.

Green Subway Tile South Bend Kitchen Remodel

Classic Colors for a lasting look

Our homeowner’s commitment to the colors of craftsman design paid considerable dividends to the authenticity of this finished project. We consulted with them to select the perfect hues to bring our plan into perfect balance, and the homeowners did the painting. We found this foray into yellows, greens, and reds a refreshing change of pace from many neutral kitchens we’ve created lately.

Craftsman Kitchen Remodel Color Palette

Daringly different and classically-inspired

One of our favorite aspects of this remodel is our homeowners' surprising and unique material choices. The soapstone countertop is a lovely deviation from granite or quartz and provides a rich, clean workspace that speaks of its vintage roots. The homeowners also sourced and selected a unique, hammered copper range hood. This wall-mounted copper range hood features ornate details and a subtle shine that give the kitchen a welcoming glow. We’ve matched the hammered copper look in the cabinet pulls to tie the space together.

South Bend Kitchen Remodel wIth Soapstone Countertops

Time to Expand

The homeowner’s biggest remodeling goal was to expand the kitchen to make the existing space feel larger. Adding to one place means subtracting from somewhere else. To gain more space, we knocked out a wall into a laundry/storage area.  The stackable washer and dryer ended up in a new small closet. The rest of the laundry/storage space became part of the kitchen. This allowed us to move around the appliances for a better "fit" and add much-needed counter space in the form of a large peninsula.

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