Kitchen Remodel Trends for Large Family Gatherings

As your family gathers to celebrate this holiday season, you might notice the joy of togetherness gives way to the reality of being packed into a space that is no longer working.  For many families, the holiday season really shows a family that their current spaces may not be serving their needs anymore.  Whether you can’t fit everyone around the table, or find yourself elbow to elbow as you prepare a celebratory meal, we would hate for you to be in the same situation next season. 

Kitchen Remodel Trends for Large Family Gatherings

Not allowing enough time for a project to be completed before you plan to use it is a common mistake that causes stress and heartache in the home remodeling process.  If you start planning now, you could remedy this situation in plenty of time so that you aren’t banishing your cousins to a card table in the living room again next year.  Here at Peacock, we routinely deliver stunning kitchen remodel results.  Schedule a consultation now and let us help you elevate your kitchen space with the custom remodel you deserve. 

What Is the Best Arrangement for a Kitchen?

The best arrangement for a kitchen depends on how you use your kitchen:

  • Size of the space: Some spaces lend themselves well to some layouts over others.  A giant G-shaped kitchen or a tiny L might not serve your space needs
  • Storage needs: Be realistic about what you use and keep in your kitchen.  If you are feeding a large family, consider storage for pantry items and other items used daily that will need to be accessible.
  • Planned use:  Are you feeding kids constantly? Are you planning to host the extended family next year?  Are you planning to spend hours cooking or more time gathering?  This will influence the way you allot your space and how you configure your new design layout.
  • Style of home: If your kitchen is the only area you plan to remodel, it is important to consider the other elements of the home and the continuity between spaces.

What Are the Most Common Kitchen Layouts?

Unless you are planning more extensive remodels, the footprint of the kitchen does make some options better than others, depending on the amount of space available. The cost of a kitchen remodel varies with the size of the space, materials, and amenities included. The most common kitchen layouts include:

  • Galley Kitchen- Think of this like a kitchen hallway, with the kitchen lining two opposing walls in close proximity.  These tend to be tight spaces but can be attractive second kitchens if adding another kitchen space is in your plan.
  • L-Shaped Kitchen with Island- This design spreads the kitchen cabinets along two walls at a ninety-degree angle, forming an L shape.  An opposing kitchen island delineates this area and adds counter space.  The scope of this design can scale up or down depending on the space and design.
  • G-Shaped Kitchen- In this design, there is one small entry into the kitchen and then kitchen equipment and cabinet surround all sides.  This is a great design for small spaces and might be a perfect consideration for a basement kitchen addition.
  • One Wall Kitchen- This is where everything kitchen-related resides on the same wall.  There is no island.  This design often trades counter space for an open layout and might serve the needs of a large family if the priority is gathering space over kitchen prep.
  • C-Shaped Kitchen- Large families often love this option.  A C-Shaped kitchen works best in a moderate or larger space.  Sometimes called a U-shaped kitchen or a horseshoe kitchen, this design uses three walls for cabinets and appliances and leaves the third open, allowing the kitchen space to flow into the surrounding living space.

What Are Current Trends in Kitchen Remodels for Family Gatherings?

We love keeping an eye on the changing trends in kitchen remodeling. 2024 will see many families gathering together again.  Here are some of our favorite trends to accommodate the entire clan in a 2024 kitchen remodel:

  • Kitchen peninsula- A kitchen peninsula is an extension of cabinets and countertop.  This is often a practical solution for families looking to increase usable kitchen space, for entertainment or otherwise.  A peninsula can be a great place to lay out party snacks so your guests can graze!
  • Kitchen island with a load-bearing wall- Many of our clients previously thought that a kitchen island was out of the question due to the structural design of their homes.  Using columns to create a kitchen island and load-bearing wall is a recent trend that opens up new options to revitalize old spaces.
  • Hidden seating and storage- Add convenience items based on the way you use your kitchen.  conceal custom built-ins and pull-outs where you use them.  Conceal low stools under the profile of the island to add extra seating. 
  • Layered lighting- Add lighting hanging at different heights and intervals to provide both targeted and functional lighting and romantic options.
  • Contemporary kitchen cabinets- Use sleek and minimal lines and dark or statement colors to conceal thoughtful cabinet design and storage.

Choose the Kitchen Remodelers Who Deliver In South Bend

We love making kitchen remodel dreams come true.  Here at Peacock, we’re experts in translating your vision into results you can live in.  We can’t wait to talk to you about how we can help you make the holidays a season to remember in your brand new kitchen of your dreams.

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