How to Determine the Best Cooktop For your Next Kitchen Remodel

Let’s get cooking! It’s time to ensure your kitchen remodel is equipped with the best tools for the job, no matter how you plan to use them. Many new kitchens feature a separate cooktop and oven to diffuse heat and create designated spaces and workflow for tasks a range has artificially joined together. Experience the freedom of cooking in exactly the right spot with exactly the right tool by selecting the perfect kitchen cooktop for your remodel.

How to Determine the Best Cooktop Option For your Next Kitchen RemodelPeacock & Company creates stunning and personalized remodels in Mishawaka. Our decades of experience in the South Bend area allow us to bring our expertise and talent to your most personal living spaces. Let’s ensure your kitchen remodel gets every detail just right.

What is a Kitchen Cooktop?

A kitchen cooktop is a singular appliance built into the counter for cooking. A traditional range combined both an oven and a cooktop. Kitchen cooktops free up space and allow further customization of your kitchen workflow. An average kitchen cooktop is 30-36 inches, but some cooktops are created specifically for smaller spaces. Cooktops can be as small as 15 inches or as large as 48 inches.

Kinds of Kitchen Cooktops

Induction Cooktop

An induction appliance heats the cookware on the stove directly with ceramic coils. The surrounding area stays safe and cool. An induction cooktop allows precise, energy-efficient temperature control more quickly than its counterparts. Because this appliance works in concert with your pots and pans, not every kind of cookware is compatible with an induction cooktop. Magnetic attraction is part of the equation. If a magnet strongly sticks to the bottom of your pan, it will work on your induction cooktop. Most stainless steel and cast iron pans work well, whereas glass or aluminum cookware will not heat up. 

Electric Cooktop

An electric cooktop presents a sleek, smooth surface for cooking. It is energy-efficient to use and easy to clean. Electric cooktops stay hot for a few moments after they are turned off. Because they blend in with the countertop, it can be easy to accidentally touch a hot cooktop. 

Gas Cooktop

A gas cooktop provides temperature-sensitive cooking quickly. Gas ranges need to be cleaned thoroughly and may be more expensive to operate depending on the kind of gas you use and utility prices in your area

Downdraft Cooktop

These are newcomers to the kitchen cooktop scene. Downdraft cooktops eliminate the need for a range hood by building a ventilation system into your cooktop. As the name suggests, smelly air is pulled down when cooking and either exhausted or recirculated. Downdraft cooktops can heat with any method.

Features for a Kitchen Cooktop

Aside from the type of cooktop, different models offer unique features and advantages.

  • Number of burners- Bigger cooktops mean more burners and more simultaneous cooking capability.
  • Strength of burner-Simmer on low intensity or get hot in a hurry with a low or high-intensity burner.
  • Specialty burners- Expandable burners and warming zones are luxe features on high-end cooktops. 
  • Smart technology- Some cooktops can be remotely controlled or monitored via Bluetooth or Wi-fi.
  • Safety features- Heat warnings, lights, and flame-sensing re-ignition are available to keep you cooking safely.

How to Determine the Best Cooktop For your Next Kitchen Remodel

Where Should I Put my Kitchen Cooktop?

You can’t pick up your kitchen cooktop and move it. The location you choose for your kitchen cooktop is vital for your kitchen’s layout and function. Choosing a kitchen cooktop also frees you from the standard height of a stove on top of an oven. You can raise or lower your countertop for complete accessibility so that your cooktop is just the right height for the chef.Where Should I Put my Kitchen Cooktop?

Kitchen Island vs. Primary Counterspace

The best location for your kitchen cooktop depends on your kitchen’s layout and how you plan to use it. Some people love having a centralized island cooking space, whereas others prefer to tuck the hot stuff into the corners or main countertops. Your kitchen island cooktop will require either gas or electric, so these utilities need to be available on your kitchen island if you choose to locate your cooktop here. If you rely on ventilation through a range hood for strong kitchen smells and mistakes, this may influence the location of your cooktop.

Sink vs. Cooktop on an Island

Many people choose either a sink or a cooktop for their kitchen island. Including both features often clutters the area and reduces workspace, which is often the primary function of the island. If you plan to include seating around your kitchen island, a cooktop may be a great feature for easy serving and entertaining.

Cooktop vs. Range vs. Rangetop, What is the Difference?

A kitchen cooktop has control knobs on the flat surface next to burners keeping them out of reach for little hands, whereas a rangetop or range rolls the control knobs over the edge, facing the cook. A rangetop is also a separate kitchen appliance used just for cooking. A range is a traditional oven and stovetop combined.

Best Kinds of Kitchen Cooktops

We’ve listed our fan-favorite cooktops. Induction cooktops generally fall at a higher price point, but size and features impact the price of any style of cooktop, so high-end and budget options are available for every type.

  • Kitchenaid Induction Cooktop- Kitchenaid knows their way around a cooktop. Their 36 and 30-inch induction cooktops are industry standards for a reason. Well-made and reliable, this is a solid choice.
  • GE Profile Induction Cooktop- These smooth best-sellers look great and heat up like an even dream.
  • Wolf Cooktop- Wolf appliances are famous for their elegance and quality. We love Wolf gas cooktops and ranges and appreciate the availability of an extra large, 48-inch option for families. 
  • Kitchenaid Gas Cooktop- Most models feature both high-power and medium gas burners. We love the simplicity and durability of a Kitchenaid cooktop. Their gas cooktops typically last longer than their counterparts.
  • Frigidaire Electric Cooktop- This electric model features an expandable cooktop and offers an inexpensive entry point into the joys of using a cooktop.
  • Bosch Electric Cooktop- We love this electric cooktop for its versatility, durability, and safety features.
How to Determine the Best Cooktop For your Next Kitchen Remodel

Let’s Beautify Your Michiana Area Kitchen

Peacock & Company has remodeled kitchens to perfection in South Bend for decades. We cannot wait to hear about your project and tackle the details together. Reach out today to get started.

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