Project Spotlight - Modern Meets Moody Gray Kitchen Remodel in Granger

Down with brown! Our client ditched their brown and cream color palette and optimized their storage and workspace in this classic and contemporary South Bend kitchen remodel. Moody gray cabinets, statement pendulum lights, and authentic brick and hardwood floors elevate this once underwhelming kitchen into a productive and gorgeous space for daily living.
Our clients in this modern kitchen remodel were ready to update their spaces and welcome in a new era of their life with a kitchen remodel. This once-custom kitchen wasn’t meeting our client’s current needs. When they designed this kitchen in 2007, their busy family was operating on a limited budget for their build. Fifteen years later, the nest is empty and the nest egg allowed for more luxurious choices that weren’t options the first time around. It was time for an all-new kitchen floorplan.

Wondering about the cost of a kitchen remodel? We’re happy to tell you all about it in our recent blog.

Project Spotlight - Smith Kitchen With Gray Cabinets









On Our Level

The original kitchen island included two levels that ultimately divided the space and impeded function. We created a single-level multi-functional curved kitchen island so that the kitchen better accommodated the way our clients used it for the last fifteen years. This spacious kitchen island with seating also features a deep sink and plenty of storage. Cream quartzite countertops are an inspired choice for the island and surrounding countertops. They balance the grey island cabinets and provide an interesting and angular overhang for seating.

Project Spotlight - Smith Kitchen With Moody Gray Cabinets Gray Kitchen Cabinets with cream counterProject Spotlight - Smith Kitchen With Slate Gray Cabinetry

Greying Out

We adore the color palette in this sophisticated kitchen. The slate grey cabinets set a moody tone without dominating the aesthetic. Chrome appliances and stainless steel pulls and plumbing are far from monochromatic next to grey cupboard doors. Rather, these textures and materials add richness and depth to these grey cabinet doors with raised panels. Many clients are surprised when we suggest chrome and silvertone hardware to augment grey cabinets. This example speaks for itself.

We didn’t waste a single opportunity for kitchen storage. Our cabinet over the fridge is an excellent example. Space above the cabinets provides great opportunities for these clients to further personalize their space with the décor above. We think the décor on top of these cabinets showcases excellent style.

Project Spotlight - Smith Kitchen Silvertone Hardware

Project Spotlight - Raised Panel Cabinets

South Bend Gray Kitchen Remodel

Brick by brick

We used authentic brick for a rustic brick farmhouse kitchen backsplash. Details and materials both needed to be timeless and appealing to the modern eye. The range hood is another great example of this. If you’re looking for great range hood ideas, take inspiration here and match the shade of your range hood to your countertops or backsplash rather than your appliances.

We refinished the original hardwood floors to a pristine and rich dark brown. They are one of our favorite features in this remodel because they add such warmth and classic style. Sometimes, refinishing and refurbishing is the best option for a few features when remodeling. We love preserving and elevating existing work when it’s done so well. 

Gray Kitchen with Pendulum Lights

Project Spotlight - Smith Kitchen With Built-In Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island With Seating And Beverage Fridge

lights and libations

Statement rectangular pendant lights with Edison bulbs shine a halo above every island region so that each workspace is well-lit. These exposed bulbs highlight and repeat this space's rustic and industrial undertones while preserving warmth and cheer.

Beverage fridges are more popular every year, and with great reason. With a built-in kitchen island beverage cooler, guests and grandkids can help themselves while your main fridge remains undisturbed. 

And we haven’t stopped there! We also added a modern coffee bar as a separate space so that no one has to bump elbows before they are fully caffeinated. Morning coffee is a daily ritual that requires its own alter, especially in a luxurious everyday space. Adding a home coffee bar builds a little treat into every morning. 

Peacock and Co revitalizes residential spaces in the greater South Bend Area. We’d love to create a custom kitchen together or partner with you for another home remodeling project. You deserve to enjoy your home to its fullest.

Take the steps that bring your dream home and your current home into the same reality. We’re the home contractors in the Michiana area who can help you make it happen. Reach out today to tell us about your project!

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