2024 Kitchen Remodeling Trends To Keep An Eye On

If you've been in your current home for the last few years, you're likely very well-versed in your kitchen's shortcomings. Kitchen problems like outdated appliances, lack of counter space, and lack of storage space grate on anyone after a while. If you're eyeing a kitchen remodel so you can stay happy in your dream home and feel at home in your own kitchen, we've got you covered with our insight on the latest design trends for kitchens in 2024.2024 kitchen remodel trends reflect a collective longing for simplicity and deep, rich details. While some homeowners may be planning to make minor changes to their kitchen's appearance, others are ready for a complete overhaul of the way their kitchen looks and functions. In 2024, we expect to continue to see a variety of kitchen trends that focus on making the kitchen a more useful and attractive room for spending time while at home. As South Bend kitchen remodelers, we are here with our favorite kitchen trends worth trying in 2024.

Kitchen countertop with cooktop and blue cabinetry

1. Kitchen Expansions

Many older homes have small kitchens with minimal countertop space and little room for eating. If your kitchen misses the mark in terms of size, there are a few ways that you can expand your kitchen. 

Wall Removal

Removing one or more walls to create an enlarged space is one way that homeowners expand the size of their kitchen without the expense of expanding the foundation. Wall removal is very popular right now because open layouts give homeowners the ability to supervise and mingle with their family members while engaging in separate activities. Open layouts are also popular among people who enjoy entertaining.

Bump Out

A bump out is a type of home addition that doesn't require a new foundation to be added to the home's old foundation. Bump outs are popular because they're far less expensive compared to larger additions that impact the home's foundation. How does it work? Your contractor will build a small, cantilevered space off the home's existing foundation.

Bump outs are the perfect solution for a homeowner who wants to make a small addition of about 50 square feet to their kitchen. Bump outs add just enough space to install new cabinets and counters or a breakfast nook.

Modern craftsman style kitchen in South Bend with natural stone countertop and wood cabinetry

Full Kitchen Expansion

Want a lot more space in your kitchen, not just a little? Talk to your contractor about installing an entire kitchen expansion to add a breakfast nook or dining area, walk-in pantry, connected mudroom, and more.

2. Appliance Upgrades

Older appliances can be energy inefficient and difficult to use. They also break down frequently. In 2024, we predict that homeowners will take the initiative to install new appliances like a new dishwasher, refrigerator, cooktop and oven, garbage disposal, and more. Upgrading your kitchen appliances can improve your home's value while reducing utility bills. Look for the ENERGY STAR label on the appliances you're thinking about buying, to get the most value for your money. 

White kitchen remodel with stainless steel range and tile backsplash

3. Bold Kitchen Cabinets

For many years, white was the color that homeowners craved in their kitchens. Now those all-white kitchens are starting to look a little stark and bare. Though wood and white kitchen cabinets will always be classic, more adventurous color is among the latest trends in kitchen cabinets. Bold-colored kitchen cabinets are making a comeback, and in 2024, we expect to see many homeowners refinishing their wooden cabinets in colors like navy, dark gray, green, and other earthy tones. Why not try black kitchen cabinets? Many kitchen designs for 2024 include an injection of warm color as in mauve or magenta, consider pink tones for romance and class. If you're not ready for a complete commitment to color, consider two-toned cabinets, such as the lovely blue and white modern kitchen cabinets featured below.

If you're designing new cabinets in 2024, work with an experienced contractor to ensure that your cabinet selection will capture your vision and work in your space. Choose a color that can be integrated into a variety of color schemes, so you'll have the flexibility to change up your look with new decor.

Two-tone kitchen remodel with bold blue cabinets beneath glass cabinets

4. Engineered Stone Countertops

Solid surface and laminate countertops may have had their day in the sun, but in recent years, trends in kitchen countertops have shifted towards more durable materials like stone. Engineered stone (also called quartz) is the material of choice for the coming year. It's made from crushed stone dust and resin, and it's the most low-maintenance, durable countertop material in mass production today.

Benefits of engineered stone include:

  • Scratch resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • No sealing required
  • Can be made to resemble a variety of natural materials, like granite and marble

5. Slab Backsplashes

Homeowners seeking low-maintenance kitchens in 2024 realized that slab backsplashes are far easier to clean and maintain than tile backsplashes! They also create sleek visual continuity that can unify the kitchen space, making it seem less cluttered and more open.

Need more backsplash inspiration? Head here for great ideas for your kitchen backsplash.

6. Dual-Level or Double Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands have been popular for years, but lately, they've experienced a resurgence in popularity as homeowners experimented with their size, shape, and layout. Dual-level kitchen islands are the in-thing for 2024. With a low counter for food prep and a high counter for serving food and drinks, your kitchen island becomes the place to gather and the place to get work done. You'll be able to make food while your children do homework, or you'll be able to serve guests while you line up hors d'oeuvres on a platter.

Kitchen remodel with dual level island in middle beneath three pendant light fixtures

Better yet, build two kitchen islands with different dedicated functions to equip your large, open kitchen for every task you ask of it. Open-concept kitchen islands with a stove and sink often have room for another island. Create another workstation, beverage station, homework, craft island, or any other custom kitchen island you can dream up. Choose custom cabinets to create any island feature you like! Cap one with bookshelves for storage and choose a sleek waterfall kitchen island for your second kitchen island.

7. Custom Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting trends deliver both efficient task lighting and options for ambiance. Consider custom cabinet lighting within display cabinets and under cabinet lighting to provide targeted illumination. Add pendulum lights over your island and augment with more understated task lighting from above. Kitchen lighting offers more efficient and exciting options than ever before, and exploring them during your 2024 kitchen remodel is part of the fun. 

Up close view of kitchen light fixture with Edison bulbs

8. Mixed Metallic Hardware and Plumbing

Not everything has to come from the same catalog. Timeless kitchen design features flexible selections that are difficult to place within a specific design era. Coordinated, but not matching metallics lend the illusion of longevity, even in a new design. Whereas many designers used to advise that their light fixtures, plumbing, cabinet handles, and pulls match, more kitchens are opting for mixing hardware metals and finishes. Perhaps you'd like gold kitchen hardware and a brass touchless kitchen faucet. Maybe your light fixtures are black chrome. More kitchen designs for 2024 feature a more curated and less matchy aesthetic for their cabinet hardware, plumbing, and other fixtures.

Excited About 2024 Kitchen Remodel Trends? Get Started On Your Kitchen Update

If you're one of the many South Bend area homeowners who are excited about 2024 kitchen remodel trends and can't wait to upgrade your home's kitchen in the coming year, get started by making an appointment for a consultation with a respected kitchen remodeling contractor in your area.

At Peacock & Company, we help homeowners like you make their Michiana kitchens into the space they've always wanted. Check out our kitchen gallery page to see examples of what your kitchen could look like after your home update. Give us a call at 574 289 4992 or make an appointment for a free consultation.

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