How Much Does A Small Bathroom Remodel Cost in South Bend?

Powder rooms, guest bathrooms, and hall bathrooms shouldn’t be overlooked. Smaller bathrooms deserve splendor. Your primary bathroom isn’t the only great place for a bathroom remodel. Put your best face forward by remodeling your smaller bathrooms to wow your guests and keep them comfortable.

How Much Does A Small Bathroom Remodel Cost In South Bend?

Peacock and Co is a trusted home remodeling company in South Bend, Indiana. We’re pleased to improve our Michiana neighbors’ quality of life by improving their everyday surroundings. We’re happy to use our remodeling know-how to help you plan your small bathroom renovation or other home remodeling projects.

How Much Does it Cost to Redo a Small Bathroom?

We’re here to help you develop a realistic budget for your bathroom remodel. Smaller bathroom remodels (a 5 x 7 bathroom or thereabouts) costs between $20,000 and $45,000.  The range of costs for materials and labor in a bathroom remodel is quite wide. Selecting higher-end materials like natural stone or items with more labor-intensive installation, such as small mosaic tiles, can significantly increase the cost of remodeling your small bathroom. In general, labor usually costs as much or more than your materials. Full or ¾ bathrooms (shower only, no tub) are more complicated and expensive than remodeling a half-bathroom or renovating a powder room.

How Can I Save Money on My Small Bathroom Remodel?

You can save money by performing some remodeling tasks yourself, but expertise and experience may be priceless contributions to your finished product. If you attempt a DIY and find yourself over your head, the ultimate price tag to set things right could be much more than you had planned. An experienced contractor can use their expert eyes to spot issues and solve problems before they start. A remodeler near you can also provide a much more specific idea about the cost of the elements in your bathroom renovation plans so that you can make informed choices before you begin.

If you’re getting serious about remodeling your bathroom, download our complimentary bathroom remodeling guide for future reference and easy planning.

Elements of a Bathroom Remodel by Cost

Every bathroom remodel allocates different amounts to each line item. Splurging on high-end materials or custom cabinets in one area might inform your choices when selecting less important elements. Here are some broad ranges to help you plan.

Cost to Re-tile a Shower

If you select porcelain or ceramic, you can expect to spend about $20-40 per square foot installed when re-tiling your shower. Materials alone average $10-15 per square foot to re-tile a shower. Most showers have a little more than 100 square feet that require tile, including the floor, walls, and finishing tiles.

Cost to Re-tile a Shower in South Bend, Indiana

Cost to Re-tile a Bathroom Floor

The price to re-tile a bathroom floor is similar to re-tiling a shower, especially in a small bathroom where you don’t have a large floor. Expect to pay between $15 and $60 per square foot for a small bathroom floor installed. Adding radiant heat to keep your toes warm through the winter will add about $20 per square foot to your project.

Cost to Replace a Bathtub

Bathtubs, showers, and tub kits are often the most expensive element of a bathroom remodel because they are the largest and most labor-intensive, especially if the bathroom is small. Large bathtubs, tubs with irregular shapes, or extra jets and features cost more to install. Expect to pay between $2,000 and $12,000 to install a new tub.

Cost to Add to a Bathroom

Adding to your home’s structure by creating or expanding a new bathroom is a much larger project. Expect to pay upwards of $50,000 if you plan to expand your home and create new living space in your bathroom.

Estimating Bathroom Plumbing Costs

Fixtures like faucets and showerheads are relatively inexpensive, but relocating or updating plumbing is a job for the experts. A permit is usually required if your small bathroom remodel calls for re-arranging your layout and changing your plumbing.

Lighting Costs for a Bathroom

Moving or changing the style of your lights may require an electrician and a permit. Simply swapping out your light fixtures could be a much less expensive proposition. Expect to pay $300-500 for each professionally installed light fixture.

Cost to Upgrade a Toilet

Stock toilets cost a few hundred dollars and just as much to install. A high-end toilet with an unusual shape or extra features like a bidet will increase your cost to $1,000 or more.

Vanity Renovation Budget

If you choose a stock vanity, you may be able to replace the unit for $300 or so per unit. Custom vanities are great functional focal points but cost closer to $2,500 installed.

Costs When Remodeling a Bathroom in South Bend

Other Costs When Remodeling a Bathroom

Many people who start their own remodeling projects are surprised by the hidden costs and undertakings. Demolition, permits, and waste disposal are vital parts of any bathroom remodel and require know-how. An expert remodeler can elevate your project and handle the problem-solving and details, so they don’t complicate your remodel.

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