13 Bathroom Shower Remodel Ideas

Artful mosaics, accessibility updates, built-ins, and more! The options for an awesome daily shower are more plentiful than ever! When it's time to remodel your bathroom, be sure to give your shower the thought and attention it deserves. Showers are one of the most important bathroom fixtures for daily use and resale value, and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to create the perfect shower during your bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Shower Remodel Ideas

Get ready to drop some social media-worthy before and after photos! Peacock is an expert South Bend remodeling company. Our stunning Michiana area bathroom remodels are custom-made for your taste, needs, and budget. 

What Adds the Most Value in a Bathroom Remodel?

Knowing what to expect during your bathroom remodel can help you plan and budget for your project. Some bathroom features can be preserved, especially on a  budget. If you like your lighting, you can keep it. Do you need new fixtures? Maybe not. There’s no reason to demolish features you like. Many clients choose to focus on high-value upgrades to get the most from their bathroom remodel. A contractor near you will have the best information about your market, but generally, showers and baths add the most value to a bathroom remodel because they are the focal point. 

A bathroom’s configuration impacts how a home is described in real estate listings. The presence of a shower alone is called a ¾ bath, whereas a tub and shower constitute a full bath. Upgrading a half bath into a full bath may bump your home into some buyers’ search criteria.

Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Remodeling trends for bathrooms evolve a bit slower than design in other areas of the home, but anyone who has been in a pink-tiled seventies bathroom can tell you that bathroom trends absolutely do change over time. As we update bathrooms across the South Bend area, we notice more frequent requests for elements such as:

  • Walk-in bath- Create ultimate accessible luxury with a walk-in bath.

  • Mosiac shower floor- Gorgeous tile shower floors are trending in a bathroom. Many clients find intricate mosaic patterns soothing in this refreshing space.

  • Shower shelf- Built-in shower shelves offer another opportunity for customization and style.

  • Techy fixtures- Touch-activated faucets and other smart fixtures are appearing more frequently during bathroom remodels of all kinds.

  • Double showerheads- Offer options for every need and scenario by building multiple showerheads into your shower remodel.

  • Wet room- Enclose your tub and shower in one space that is built to get wet for versatility and ease. This allows for easy plant care if you opt to cultivate lush tropical foliage in your steamy bathroom.

  • Keep it natural- eco-friendly materials, recycled or upcycled fixtures, and features are increasingly popular.  

  • Tub-to-shower conversion- Not everyone needs a tub. If it’s just taking up space, a beautiful tub-to-shower conversion could buy you space and add luxury.

  • Double the vanity- Two sinks are much better than one in many more situations than is polite to discuss here. Double vanities mean everyone has the space and access they need when they need it.

Bathroom Remodel South Bend Indiana


Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Ways to Modernize an Older Shower

Older bathrooms don’t have to be a downer. Refreshing your shower can change the entire bathroom experience. Here are some of our favorite ideas for modernizing an older shower during a bathroom remodel:

  • Retile- Bathrooms are ideal for tile. They are wet spaces that need hard, non-porous surfaces. They are also small enough to execute bold patterns and bright colors. Retiling your shower, walls, or bathroom floor can completely update your space. Pinterest is full of awesome and artful bathroom tile ideas. From subway tiles to intricate mosaics, there are gorgeous options for every taste. 

  • Move it on up- Many older bathrooms have short showers. Make your shower friendly for modern-sized folks, especially if there are tall people in your family who tire of crouching to get their faces wet.

  • Add sliding glass doors- Pay homage to your home’s history but update your style with sliding glass shower doors.

  • Make-it barrier free- If you plan to age in place, your bathroom may need upgrades. Many clients choose to install a walk-in shower in their master bathroom or main-level bathroom to ensure that main-floor living supports possible mobility challenges in the future.

  • Add a shower bench- This increases utility and storage and also provides options to bathe without prolonged standing, which is another great accessibility feature.

Ways to Modernize an Older Shower

You Deserve A Beautiful Bathroom

We make home remodeling in South Bend easy, and we’d love to talk to you about your home renovation project if you’re in our service area. Reach out today to connect about your remodeling project.

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