2024 Bathroom Remodeling Trends To Keep An Eye On

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom in 2024? In this article, we'll cover some of the most exciting bathroom remodeling trends of the coming year.  We're finding that the most desirable bathroom remodels focus on turning the bathroom into a more luxurious and peaceful environment. In the bathroom, this means creating a spa-like environment. There's much you can do to make your bathroom a more relaxing and convenient place to prepare and unwind for the day.

Peacock Project- Goldenrod Lane Bathroom-17

Want some examples of how we've done this for past clients? Check out bathroom photos from our gallery.

One benefit of being a design-build firm is our direct access to expert designers as part of our team. We all benefit from their expert knowledge as we forecast trends for the rest of 2024 and beyond. This upcoming year, our design team is highlighting the following bathroom trends.

Warm Colors

Cool neutrals like grays and whites were popular for years, but lately, these colors have taken the back seat to warmer shades like browns, soft creams, and beige. Soft earth tones will continue to dominate in 2024.

Modern neutral bathroom with floating vanity and windows

We recommend decorating with warm colors in areas like the vanity, which you can stain instead of paint, and with wall tile accent colors. When choosing a palette, explore colors like copper, honey brown, light yellow, and deep orange. See the 2024 colors of the year Benjamin Moore's Blue Nova 825 or Pantone's Peach Fuzz for an even deeper commitment to optimism and vitality. These shades invite you to soak in the warmth of your bathroom, whether you're enjoying a warm shower or a long bath. 

If you're planning a bathroom remodel in South Bend, you may be interested in our complimentary bathroom remodeling guide for much more detail and the process, options, and cost.

Bathroom Remodel South Bend Indiana

Soaker Tubs

Speaking of soaking it in - soaker tubs are more popular than ever. These fixtures make your bathroom seem more like a spa, and less like your house. Some homeowners believe they can't install a soaker tub in a small bathroom. Soaker tubs have traditionally been large fixtures. 

What many don't realize is that compact soaker tubs are available, if that's your preference - including mini soaker tubs that allow you to bathe while sitting up in a tub that's shaped almost like a cup. These mini tubes fit in a small corner, allowing you to install a bathtub where there never was a bathtub before. You may even be able to fit one of these small tubs in your half bath or 3/4 bath, depending on its size. Work with your contractor to find a soaker tub that's right for your bathroom. 

Durham Way Master Bath and Sunroom Addition 5 - Granger, IN

Tile Style

  • Large-format wall tiles: These uninterrupted surfaces make your bathroom look less busy. This can be important especially if your bathroom is very small or busy. Larger wall tiles are also easier to clean because bigger tiles feature less grout and fewer surfaces to become mildew-stained. Your contractor can direct you to some material suppliers that sell quality wall tiles for an affordable price, so talk to your contractor about your material preferences before you make your pick.
  • Terrazzo: We've seen this versatile (see what we did there?) medium rise and fall in decades past, and we're glad to see Terrazzo trending for 2024. It's a composite material that can be pre-made or poured in place for an ultra-customized finish. Terrazzo consists of small pieces of tile, marble, quartz, granite, glass, etc. set in cement or epoxy. These sleek floors are perfect for a bathroom and easy to clean!
  • Subway Tile: You can't go wrong with white subway tile. They are among the most classic tile options for a bathroom. If you're looking to turn tradition on its head, try installing your subway tile of any shade vertically for a fresh take on the classic.

Gray hexagonal floor tile in South Bend, Indiana bathroom remodel

Smart Toilet

There's nothing more luxurious than a toilet with a self-closing lid, heated seat, bidet features, touch-free flushing, and a self-cleaning function. Smart toilets occupied an obscure corner of the market just a few years ago, but they're quickly becoming the desired plumbing fixture in newly remodeled bathrooms. Depending on your budget and how important it is for you to install a luxury toilet, you may even choose a model with features like a built-in stereo to play music!  

Best of all, smart toilets tend to have few cracks and crevices between surfaces (this is a part of their minimalist aesthetic), which means that cleaning your smart toilet may be easier than cleaning a traditional toilet. That's something to celebrate.  

Heated Flooring

Want to feel completely comfortable in your bathroom? Install heated flooring. Imagine stepping out of the shower and feeling a warm floor beneath your feet. Pure perfection!

Of course, heated flooring isn't just a luxury item: it's also a practical way to keep a cold bathroom just a little bit warmer. 

Bathroom flooring and custom laundry drawer

In-floor electric heating needs to be installed when you're replacing the flooring in your bathroom, and it should be installed by a professional. Heated flooring that's poorly installed could require you to tear out your flooring, and you don't want that. It's important to install the heating system right the first time. Hire someone who has experience working with these materials in the past.

Bathroom sink style

Bathroom sinks can often be a focal point of the room. Every bathroom needs a sink and very nearly every trip to the bathroom requires a stop at it. Choosing a sink presents an opportunity to define your bathroom’s mood and make a statement about the space you are creating. For 2024 the following bathroom sink trends are on the rise:  

  • Double vanity: Keep your personal space personal and build an oversized vanity area to make sharing with your partner simple. Try a sleek, mid-century modern vanity for the perfect prep space and build in plenty of drawers for ultimate vanity organization.
  • Freestanding sinks: Though pedestal sinks are one example, they aren’t the only game in town. Sinks that stand alone have the opportunity to be their own piece of art. We love the sleek, modern free-standing sinks on tap for 2024.
  • Floating sinks: Floating sinks are fixed to the wall and are not supported by cabinetry below. These can be excellent space savers, and offer wheelchair accessibility, though many clients chose them for their elegance and reap the space as a secondary benefit. 
  • Compact sinks for small spaces: Solutions for unusual or smaller spaces get better with time. If you have a small powder room or guest bathroom, you might be pleased and surprised by recent innovations, which can deliver comfortable results where they were previously impossible.
  • Sinks of the future: Sinks with sensors, lights, and temperature features are becoming increasingly common. (And increasingly awesome!)
Vanity in South Bend luxury bathroom remodel with vessel sink 

Quartz Countertops

Just a few years ago, granite was the countertop material of choice, with marble as a major player. Today, quartz is king! What do we love about quartz? Everything. Its beauty, its durability, and its minimal maintenance requirements. Quartz is made from crushed stone mixed with resin to create an ultra-hard surface that never needs to be sealed. It's naturally stain-resistant and scratch-resistant. 

The best feature of all is that quartz can be made to look like other types of stone, like marble and granite. It's so good at mimicking the look of stone, you probably won't be able to tell that it's not real stone. It's important to find a quartz supplier that provides quality quartz that will look and perform its best.

Sleek Shower Accessories

We've seen a huge trend toward including walk-in showers in bathroom remodels rather than a tub-shower combination. When we build a new shower, we have endless options to customize your space. We've got great ideas for a shower bench, recessed shower shelving, perfect tiling, privacy windows, and more. Consider a barrier-free shower for future accessibility, or build in a wet room that includes both a shower and a tub for flexible options.

Walk-in shower tub combo with inset shelving and stool

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2024 is the year to remodel your bathroom and make the space a more relaxing place to spend time. At Peacock & Company, we help homeowners like you turn your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary. Call today to make an appointment for a free consultation. We'd love to discuss your bathroom and your remodeling goals.


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