Bathroom Tiles: Choosing the Best Tiles For Your South Bend Remodel

The dingy grout and busted old tiles have got to go! Updates to flooring and tile can increase your home’s resale value and revitalize your space. Whether you’re looking for an isolated upgrade or a complete bathroom remodel, your bathroom tile sets the tone for your space. We’re happy to help you explore your options and provide a little inspiration while you plan your bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Tiles: Choosing The Best Tiles For Your South Bend Remodel

Peacock & Company has spent decades designing and executing fantastic remodels in the South Bend Indiana area. We love bringing dream spaces into reality for our neighbors. Bathroom remodels are some of our favorite. From classic white tile to trendy and colorful, bathroom tile is often the star of these personal places.

Types of tile for a bathroom

Almost every bathroom features some kind of tile. Some tiles types are more common in bathrooms than others because bathroom surfaces must be durable and water-resistant. Many tiles fit the bill for a bathroom and carry different merits. 

  • Ceramic Tile- Ceramic tile will always be the leading bathroom tile option. They are easy to clean, versatile, water and mold-resistant, and come in countless options.
  • Porcelain Slab - Though pricey, large porcelain slab surfaces are common in bathrooms. There is something truly serene about a white porcelain shower.
  • Stone Tiles- Stone tiles should be used selectively in a bathroom because some types of stone tiles are porous and absorbent.
  • Terracotta- Terracotta tiles are appearing more often in bathrooms. It’s no wonder. Their earthy, brown and red tones often complement a bathroom with spa or natural themes. Terracotta tiles are not glazed, and therefore absorb a bit of water if they are not sealed.
  • Metallic Tiles- Dark and industrial metal tiles make moody bathrooms shine.

Types Of Tile For A Bathroom

What Is A PEI Rating?

The porcelain enamel institute (PEI) created a standard hardness measuring scale for tile products. One is the softest, least durable product and five is the hardest. Tiles with a PEI rating of one or two belong on walls. Tiles with a rating of three or four are suitable for typical residential foot traffic, whereas tiles rated five are appropriate for extremely high-traffic and commercial settings.

Bathroom Tile Location 

You may select different types of tile for different parts of your bathroom. Consider tile choices for most of your bathroom’s main surfaces.

  • Floor Tiles- Bathroom floor tiles must be water-resistant, but don’t bear the same burden as a wet space like a shower. Bathroom floor tiles should be easy to clean and well glazed. 
  • Tiles for the Bathroom Walls- Bathroom walls are a great place to express some style! Consider an accent wall or mosaic.
  • Shower Tiles- Shower tiles are often ceramic, glazed porcelain, or glass because they get and stay wet daily. 

Bathroom Remodel South Bend Indiana

Bathroom tile colors

Consider your bathroom lighting and size when selecting a color for your bathroom tile.

  • White- all-white tile bathrooms are timeless and clean.
  • Black and White- Black and white bathroom tiles can look vintage or modern.
  • Blue- Blue bathroom tiles evoke the feeling of water, even when everything is dry. 
  • Brown- Choose earthy tile tones to complete your natural bathroom oasis.
  • Bold Color- Consider a bold or patterned tile accent wall.

Bathroom tile shapes

Tile shapes are more diverse than ever. Don’t miss out on a unique shape or layout because you haven’t considered your options.

  • Square- Square tiles are classic and popular. There are more square tile sizes and options to choose from than any other shape.
  • Hexagonal- We see more hexagon-shaped bathroom tiles than ever before. This modular look is perfect for a chic bathroom wall or floor.
  • Round tiles- Round tiles show off the grout and create subtle lines.
  • Chevron- Rectangular tiles are cut and meet at an angle to form a point.
  • Fish Scales- Like little seashells, these watery shapes make great bathroom mosaics
  • Unusual Tiles- Many tile shapes, such as arabesque and fan, are niche favorites.
  • Rectangle- Rectangular tiles have different names depending on their size and layout. Though not an exhaustive list, popular rectangular tile patterns include:
    • Herringbone-Rectangular tiles abut at an angle.
    • Subway-Tiles are laid out like bricks are stacked.
    • Plank- Wide rectangle tiles, sometimes finished to look like wood, are often arranged link plank flooring.

How To Choose Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tile Inspiration

Here are some of the latest trends in tile to kickstart your dreaming and designing.

  • Mosaic bathroom floor- Mosaic tiles are all the same shape. Sometimes mosaic patterns are created by repeating uniform tiles of the same unusual shape. Some mosaics combine colors and patterns for a bolder featured look. Mosaics look great on your shower floor and walls.
  • Floor-to-ceiling tiles- Bathrooms are excellent places for tiles. Why not use tile from floor to ceiling? You don’t have to wrap the same tiles all the way up the walls, though sometimes this has a beautiful effect. Many clients use different tiles for their walls and floors for completely different looks on each surface.
  • Distressed tile floor- Distressed tile floors look chic and stand up to daily wear. Distressed floors are increasing in popularity this year.
  • Bathroom tiles with patterns- Bathroom tiles with subtle or statement patterns add depth and dimension.
  • Large bathroom tiles- large format tiles are trending foor 2024. We are seeing many bathroom floors and showers featuring individual tiles that measure over 12 inches in any dimension, and many measure much larger.
Choosing the Best Tiles For Your South Bend Remodel

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