South Bend Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2022

Sometimes, the bathroom tile has just run its course. Whether your current bathroom screams about another era, or simply needs a facelift and some upgraded amenities, a bathroom remodel might be in order. When you’re preparing to take the bathroom remodel plunge, perusing the latest trends can be part of the fun.

South Bend Bathroom Remodeling Trends For 2022

Here at Peacock, we routinely deliver dream bathroom remodel results for our South Bend area clients. Our wide array of custom home remodelings services is backed by years of expertise and friendly service. We know we can transform your bathroom into the luxurious space you need and deserve. We cannot wait to talk to you about your remodeling dreams and vision. We know we can deliver the results you are looking for, on time and on budget. 

What Are 2022 Bathroom Trends?

We find that our clients often fall into two distinct camps. Some are looking for the most up-to-date trend-setting designs of the moment. We adore the fun of delighting these clients. Other clients prioritize a look that is meant to stand the test of time. And we also deliver classic, time-tested results that have been wowing our clients for years. 

One benefit of being a design-build firm is our direct access to expert designers as part of our team. We all benefit from their expert knowledge as we forecast trends for 2022. This upcoming year, our design team is highlighting the following bathroom trends:

  • Statement patterns and wallpaper: Patterns are bigger and bolder in 2022. Wallpaper plays with color and style. Larger tiles outline striking patterns that set the mood and draw the eye. We see this trend especially in recent half-bath and guest bath designs, where color and personality matter most. 
  • Wetrooms/Wet Spaces: Wetrooms are designed such that the entire space gets wet. Drainage must work for the whole room. This can be an efficient use of small space and allow for the benefits of a shower without the loss of space. We have also seen a variation on this where the tub and shower area create a wet space, allowing more room to shower and more flexibility for the space when the shower is not in use.
  • Lighting is the star: Our designers highlight the clever use of natural light and prominent light fixtures in some of our favorite designs for 2022 bathroom remodels. Everyone deserves to glow in their own bathroom mirror.
  • Floral and Victorian touches: Gilded edges, elegant floral wallpaper, and authentic vintage touches are on the rise. Who doesn’t love a good vintage powder room? 

What Bathroom Sinks Are In Style?

Bathroom sinks can often be a focal point of the room. Every bathroom needs a sink and very nearly every trip to the bathroom requires a stop at it. Choosing a sink presents an opportunity to define your bathroom’s mood and make a statement about the space you are creating. For 2022 the following bathroom sink trends are on the rise:  

  • Natural materials: Stone sinks are right at home in the earthy bathrooms of 2022. 
  • Freestanding sinks: Though pedestal sinks are one example, they aren’t the only game in town. Sinks that stand-alone have the opportunity to be their own piece of art. We love the sleek, modern free-standing sinks on tap for 2022.
  • Floating sinks: Floating sinks are fixed to the wall and are not supported by cabinetry below. These can be excellent space savers, though many clients chose them for their elegance and reap the space as a secondary benefit. 
  • Compact sinks for small spaces: Solutions for unusual or smaller spaces get better with time. If you have such a space, you might be pleased and surprised by recent innovations, which can deliver comfortable results where they were previously impossible.
  • Sinks of the future: Sinks with sensors, lights, and temperature features are becoming increasingly common. (And increasingly awesome!)

Are Bathtubs Going Out of Style?

Though we are always on the lookout for bathroom trends that are going out of style, we don’t think the bathtub is one of them. Though we have seen some clients opt-out of a bathtub in their bathroom remodel, most still include one. A family with young children, for example, might pass on a home where they cannot easily bathe their children. Further, innovations like the wet room or more modestly sized soaker tubs can ensure that your bathroom keeps its function and its usable space.

What Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

The cost of a bathroom remodel depends on various factors such as the square footage, materials selected, and the number of structural changes planned. Luckily, the return on investment (ROI) on bathroom remodels makes them a great place to concentrate your remodeling budget. 

The price of an average bathroom remodel in South Bend, Indiana is about $27,000. This adds about $20,000 of resale value, creating an ROI of about 75 percent. 

Clients interested in more luxury bathroom remodel see a price tag of approximately $70,000, with a resale value bump of about $41,00. This ROI is quite a few percentage points below a remodel with fewer bells and whistles. Humans spend a great deal of their daily lives in the bathroom. Upgrades may still be worthwhile if they make your everyday life easier or more pleasant.  

Get the Best Bathroom in South Bend

Here at Peacock homes, we’re experts in translating your vision into the reality surrounding you.  We can’t wait to talk to you about how we can deliver the bathroom remodel results you desire. We’re confident that you’ll choose to partner with our team to bring your dreams into reality.


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