2022 Interior Design Trends in South Bend

If you’re dreaming of a newly revitalized space in 2022, we’ve got you covered!  We love working with clients with their own distinct vision as well as bringing the latest design ideas to people to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.  Whatever your level of design-savvy, we know we can deliver thrilling results.

Design Trends for 2022 in Indiana

At Peacock & Company, we have been delivering quality remodels that have stayed cutting edge for almost forty years.  We are truly passionate about delivering luxury custom results that are as thrilling years down the road as they are on the day of the big reveal.  Our design professionals are an integral secret to our success!   And our deep portfolio speaks for itself.   If you’re in the Granger, Mishawaka, or Notre Dame area, we’d love to help you bring your vision into reality.  Reach out today to schedule a consultation!

What Is the Most Popular Decorating Style for 2022?

Sleek, modern design that presents clutter-free space and emphasizes function continues to feature heavily in many of the projects we are planning for 2022.  Though it’s definitely not new, look for modern design trends to continue to dominate in 2022. 

What Are 2022 Design Trends?

From bathroom to kitchen and every space in between, here are some of our absolute favorite new trends on the horizon for 2022:

1. Bold Statement Patterns

Use bold statement patterns in wallpaper, upholstery, or art to showcase your style and set your color palette ablaze.  Think outside the accent pillow and consider adding patterns in unexpected ways such as your planters or seating.

2. Earthy Interiors

Bringing the garden inside sets the scene for the peace we are all seeking in 2022.  Green, cozy spaces make plants and natural building materials and colors design staples and present the serene vibe many clients seek in their leisure spaces.

3. Wood Interiors

We are also seeing an increasing request for wood interiors focal points such as a wood-finished wall or ceiling.  Wood features appear in a wide range of design styles because this is such a versatile medium.  From rustic to minimalist chic, wood elements can truly personalize an interior space.

4. Vintage Interior Design

Vintage themes or accents are always in style.  As it becomes more common to proudly showcase flea market finds, authentic vintage pieces feature prominently in some of our favorite spaces.  Though any era can shine with thoughtful and consistent touches, look for ‘70s vintage touches as a trending favorite for 2022!

5. Grandmillennial Aesthetic

This delightful new trend pairs cozy old favorites with chic modern accents.  In a grandmillennial inspired design, cross stitches, quilts, and other grandparent standbys are juxtaposed with modern furniture, or a decadent floral couch that would have been the envy of any ‘50s neighborhood sits next to the sleek Eames lounge. 

6. Japandi Aesthetic

This cutesy name packs a mighty design punch by harnessing the stark, minimalist aesthetic espoused by both Japanese and Scandinavian design and highlighting the best of both.  Japandi inspired spaces to use light, natural wood and contrasting sleek dark design elements and pair sharp angles with gentle, natural curves.    

7. Double Kitchen

Adding a second galley kitchen as an annex to an existing kitchen opens up worlds of culinary and entertainment possibilities!  As family gatherings reach full strength again in 2022, adding a second kitchen may be just the ticket to feed and wow the whole clan!

8. Home-Office Overhauls

As life in the home office becomes a foreseeable reality instead of a temporary arrangement, many clients are investing in upgrades to their makeshift home office space.  We love the personality and variety in the function that we can help our clients express with their home office spaces and we love that this request is increasing in 2022 and beyond.

What Colors are Trending in 2022?

Sherwin Williams has named Green Fog, a gentle grey-green hue perfect for a home office or living space as the color of the year for 2022.  Pantone highlights bright, bold colors as a design trend for 2022, especially with increasing frequency in luxury spaces.  Warmer tones in general are making a comeback. In addition, color is the new grey!  Bolder color is beginning to appear in traditionally neutral spaces, such as kitchen cabinets.  Green and mustard-colored kitchen cabinets, for example, are trending up in 2022.

What Design Trends Are Out for 2022?

You will notice that some of the most prominent trends of the recent past will start to look dated soon.  The more specific, iconic, and popular a trend becomes, the more likely it is to be associated with an era that will ultimately pass.  Some of the most popular interior design trends with shrinking shelf-life include:

  • Shiplap
  • Accent walls
  • Matching furniture sets
  • Fast furniture
  • Completely neutral/white rooms

Is Farmhouse Going Out of Style?

Farmhouse both is and isn’t going out of style.  We know that’s not a very precise answer.  We expect some elements of this widely popular design to remain common for the foreseeable future.  More universal elements such as natural wood and rustic ceiling beams might keep appearing as they generalize to a variety of design themes. Some hallmark staples such as barn doors and shiplap are a little too specifically on trend to keep up as other features are updated.

At Peacock & Company, our expert home remodeling services place you in the space of your dreams. We’ve been making dreams come true in the greater South Bend area for more than fifty years.  Schedule a consultation to get started on your interior renovation project today.

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