Project Spotlight: Light and Bright Indoor Sunroom Addition

We built a jewel of a sunroom in our latest project spotlight. Welcome to one of Peacock’s favorite recent addition projects! We love the warm and neutral space and the seamless transition from the existing home to this sun-soaked sitting area. Step through these beautiful double doors into this first-floor sunroom addition off the kitchen. Stay awhile and soak up the charming details that make this project stand out.

First-Floor Indoor Sunroom Addition View With Seating Area

Our client was ready for a warm, bright, inviting space off their main kitchen and dining area. Sunroom additions are one of our favorite projects because they lend themselves to so many playful choices and offer opportunities to create the living space homeowners have been lacking.

Need more ideas for your new South Bend, Indiana area sunroom? We’ve got a lot to say about creating any kind of sunroom you’ve got in mind. From classic to highly curated and creative, Peacock does Michianna's home additions right.

We're On Fire

There’s nothing like a sunroom fireplace to set a cheerful and inviting mood. Adding a fireplace that produces heat keeps an otherwise chilly room usable during even the coldest Indiana winter months. This stately gas fireplace with subtle natural stone surround provides clean and cheerful warmth and an elegant focal point for the room. We love the client’s selections for indoor sunroom furniture. Their inviting configuration makes it easy to congregate and enjoy the view outside the large and lovely windows while enjoying the fire.

Details of Custom Gaas Fireplace With Natural Stone Surround

Indoor Sunroom Sofa and Chair Positioned Next to Fireplace

Home Office Space that works

Adding home office space to a sunroom is a smart way to get more functional space out of your addition. This custom desk provides organization and structure with a dedicated workspace to provide a place for everything. From zoom background envy to practical filing, this warm stained-wood corner desk and organization area are ready for action.

Stained-Wood Corner Custom Desk in Sunroom Addition Stained-Wood Corner Custom Desk in Sunroom Addition

a savvy addition

We were concerned about the profile of a new room obstructing the second-story window, but our design left the window clear and offered ample space for the sunroom. We carefully chose new exterior elements, such as windows and neutral siding, to complement the existing structure when creating a sunroom addition for the back of the house. 

Whether you build out or up, how you plan your new addition will depend on your goals and your current home and structure. If you’re curious about your options, we’d love to help you evaluate your dreams against your lot’s realities and find the perfect solution, as we did here. Exterior View of Sunroom Addition on Back of Home

stained glass for color and class

The stained glass sunroom windows were one of the most unique features of this delightful project. These transom windows flank the fireplace and throw tiny splashes of colors into an otherwise reserved space with classic and neutral selections. Including stained glass elements in the sunroom was one of the first and most important ideas our clients brought to their sunroom addition plans. The creative spark each client holds at the heart of their vision is one of our favorite parts about designing a custom sunroom addition.

Colored Stained Glass Detailing in WindowsDetails of Natural Stone Fireplace Surround With Floating Wooden Mantle ShelfSelecting quality materials is a vital part of the design process to create a successful sunroom. We focused on matching the existing structure and creating a serene and neutral space. The natural stone fireplace surround is a favorite focal point, crowned with an ample floating mantle that already elevates family treasures and keepsakes to pride of place.

A Seamless Transition into the sun

Adding a new room to an older home is always challenging. Marrying the color palette, details, and materials is often tricky. We’re proud of how we’ve tied this room to the existing house outside and in. On the inside, the interior paint finishes and new flooring were selected to create a seamless transition through the French doors from the existing kitchen to the sunroom. Moving from the sunroom to the great outdoors is easy! We created a new egress to the backyard. Head out another set of mullioned French doors onto the stamped concrete patio to fully bask in the fresh air.Exterior of Sunroom and Concrete Patio Connected to AdditionExterior of Sunroom and Concrete Patio Connected to Addition

Let Peacock Create Magic on Your Behalf

We’d love to build your Mishawaka area addition or remodel. Peacock is confident you’ll enjoy the dream we build together for many years into the future. Connect with us today to schedule a consultation.

Sunroom Addition in South Bend

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